Congress MPs Suspension Revoked commotion stopped in Lok Sabha: Suspended MPs return discussion on inflation started

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Congress MPs Suspension Revoked

Congress MPs Suspension Revoked: The impasse in the Lok Sabha ended during the monsoon session. Suspended MPs from Lok Sabha have returned. The resolution revoking his suspension has been passed. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has given him “one last chance” and warned of strict action if placards are waved again inside the House.

Speaker Om Birla said, “I will request all parties not to bring placards in the house. If MPs bring placards again, I will neither listen to the government nor the opposition and will definitely take action. I will give them the last chance.” I’m giving.”

After the deadlock, the discussion on inflation started

Four Congress MPs Manickam Tagore, Jotimani, Ramya Haridas and TN Pratapan were suspended from the proceedings of the House after they raised placards and created a ruckus on the issue of inflation in the Lok Sabha. At the same time, now after the deadlock is over, the discussion on inflation has started in the house.

Union minister Piyush Goyal today said before the suspension of MPs was withdrawn, the government would recommend their return to the House if the MPs apologized or their leaders ensured that the government would not repeat such behavior in future. Goyal said that bringing placards inside Parliament is against the rules.

There were protests in both the houses on many issues.

On Monday, there were strong protests in both the houses of Parliament over several issues and the proceedings had to be adjourned. The discussion on inflation in the Lok Sabha could only begin when Congress MPs returned. Let us inform that last week 23 Rajya Sabha members were also suspended for indecent behavior. However, his suspension lasted only a few days.

Significantly, there are 10 more days left in the monsoon session of Parliament. This session will continue till 12th August. Parliament proceedings resumed after two weeks on Monday due to uproar by the opposition. Notice was given for discussion on the issue of inflation in Lok Sabha today, while the issue is to be debated in Rajya Sabha tomorrow. Shiv Sena MP Vinayak Raut and Congress MP Manish Tewari had given notice in Lok Sabha to discuss inflation.

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