Congress will reshuffle minister in Jharkhand cabinet Congress, cabin engaged in damage control after the arrest of MLAs

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Congress Crisis

Congress Crisis: In the midst of the political crisis in Jharkhand, the Congress will soon call a meeting of its MLAs in Delhi. According to sources, the Congress can call a meeting of all the MLAs of the state in Delhi anytime after August 5. There is also a possibility of a cabinet reshuffle in the midst of the political crisis in the state. According to the in-charge of the state, the work of all the ministers is being reviewed and the decision on the reshuffle in the cabinet will be taken by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Three MLAs arrested in West Bengal

In fact, after the cross-voting in the Presidential elections in the Congress state and the arrest of three MLAs in West Bengal, it has been well understood that the increasing number of angry MLAs in the party can become a problem for the party anytime in the state. Therefore, the party is in damage control mode and it is believed that cabinet reshuffle can be done in the state soon.

Two ministers of Congress quota may be discharged from the cabinet

According to sources, two ministers of Congress quota may be discharged from the cabinet. In the coalition government of Jharkhand, there are four ministers from Congress quota, while one post from Congress quota is still vacant. Alamgir Alam, Rameshwar Oraon, Banna Gupta and Badal Patralekh are currently ministers.

This time most of the MLAs are those who have come for the first time. It is worth noting that in the last cabinet reshuffle, no MLA, who was elected for the first time, was made a minister. This time many MLAs are in the race to become minister, in which Pradeep Yadav, Anup Singh, Poornima Singh, Mamta Devi, Deepika Pandey, Amba Prasad are in the race to become minister.

‘No threat to JMM-Congress government at present’

According to Congress sources, at present there is no threat to the JMM-Congress government in Jharkhand. In fact, Congress leaders believe that after the arrest of three MLAs in West Bengal, now other MLAs will not be involved in any such activity. At the same time, MLAs are not ready for elections if their membership is canceled, because most of the MLAs became MLAs after winning the elections for the first time in the last election, so most of the MLAs are not sure of their victory if the membership is canceled.

Congress can take action against cross-voting MLAs

On the current political situation in the state, state in-charge Avinash Pandey says that the Congress is completely confident about its MLAs. Congress party can also take action against cross-voting MLAs. If sources are to be believed, there were many reasons behind the cross voting, first Draupadi Murmu has been the governor of Jharkhand, she was the first tribal woman, who was the presidential candidate, in such a situation, some MLAs may have to vote for her, but the rest If MLAs cross-voting without any valid reason, then action will also be taken against them.

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