Controversial words of UP minister Sanjay Nishad, advised workers to learn from dogs, smells, video viral

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Uttar Pradesh Minister Sanjay Nishad

Uttar Pradesh Minister Sanjay Nishad of one controversial statement Giving video is going viral. in which his workers Tips to learn from dogs and donkeys Heard giving. Seeing the ruckus starting on this statement, Sanjay Nishad clarified, “If the question is difficult then it can be explained only by giving an example. All I said was that even an animal loves to protect its children.”

This allegation was made on Congress and BSP

Targeting the Congress and BSP, Sanjay Nishad told the people, “You people have supported the same people who have been ruining you for the last 70 years. Congress made your reservation file disappear, BSP kept opposing your reservation and you kept pressing button of same parties.

explained to the people the power of their vote

Even four days ago, Sanjay Nishad, who reached Deoria, had targeted Congress, SP and BSP. During his address at the Nishad Party Award ceremony, he said, “You see the power of our vote. Ever since you stopped pressing the button of EVMs of Congress, SP and BSP, see their condition.

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