Corona Updates If the treatment is done with PaxLovid then you can come again under the JD of Corona

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Corona Updates


  • Those who have been treated with PaxLovid may again be caught by Kovid.
  • Joe Biden has been treated with PaxLovid
  • Biden who came back to Kovid positive after negative

Corona Updates: For many people suffering from COVID, like US President Joe Biden, it is becoming increasingly difficult to break out of the clutches of the pandemic. In such people, the result of the Kovid test has become positive again after being negative and a mild cough is also returning again. Joe Biden, who was Kovid negative till a few days ago, has turned positive again a few days later on Saturday. President Joe Biden was treated with the antiviral Paxlovid, in the hope that it would help him recover faster and reduce his risk of serious illness.

What is PaxLovid and how does it work?

Paxlovid is a combination therapy that uses two different antivirals nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. Nirmatrelvir works by preventing the virus from multiplying. It does this by inhibiting a viral enzyme called protease. SARS-CoV-2, like many other viruses, depends on proteases to be “activated”. Without the protease, the cycle of virus replication cannot be completed and the virus cannot be activated. In this way, instead of “killing” the virus, it prevents new “active” virus particles from forming.

Ritonavir is a “boosting agent” that inhibits the metabolism of nirmatrelvir, which means it stays in your system longer. Ritonavir is used in low doses to increase the effectiveness of other protease antivirals in infections such as HIV. Paxlovid treatment involves taking two nirmatrelvir 150mg tablets and one ritonavir 100mg tablet together, every 12 hours for five days. Like all antivirals, it is important to start the course of PaxLovid as soon as possible after a diagnosis of COVID. This should happen within five days of the onset of symptoms, so it can reduce virus replication and therefore reduce the spread of the virus in the body.

How effective is this?

A research found that paxlovid showed an 89% reduction in the risk of hospitalization and death. No deaths were reported among those treated with PaxLovid. Compared to those in the study who did not take the drug, Paxlovid treatment also reduced viral load when measured on the fifth day of the study.

What is Rebound?

Rebound occurs when a person has cured and “eliminated” the virus, meaning they are negative on a highly sensitive PCR test and have no symptoms of illness. Then a few days later, they test positive again or have symptoms come back. Rebound doesn’t just happen in people who have been given paxlovid – it can also happen in people who haven’t received any medication or treatment when they have covid.

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