Cricket in Olympics 2028 Team India glory in Commonwealth Games cricket will be included in Olympics

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  • Cricket likely to be included in Los Angeles in 2028
  • This time women’s cricket has been included in the Commonwealth Games.
  • Cricket was included in the games played in Paris in 1900.

Cricket in Olympics 2028 : The Commonwealth Games are currently being played in Birmingham, England. This time women’s cricket has been included in the Commonwealth Games. Indian women’s cricket team is also showing a good game in this. The Indian women’s team defeated Barbardos on Wednesday and entered the semi-finals with this. The country also expects a medal from Team India. Meanwhile, news is coming that cricket can also be included in the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee is reviewing

The prospect of cricket’s much-awaited return to the Olympic Games has increased as the International Olympic Committee has placed it under review along with nine other sports for inclusion in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, USA. Cricket has got a place in the Olympic Games only once. Cricket was one of the games played in Paris in 1900. Then only Britain and host France participated in it. According to ESPNcricinfo, the decision to include cricket in the review games came a day after the ICC was invited by the Organizing Committee of the Games and the IOC to make their presentations. A final decision on this, however, is likely to be taken before the 2023 IOC session in Mumbai. Other sports that have been placed on the review list include baseball, softball, flag football, lacrosse, break dancing, karate, kickboxing, squash, and motorsport.

A total of 28 sports will be included in the Olympics 2028
The IOC said earlier this year that a total of 28 sports would be included in the 2028 Olympics. Along with this, he had said that adding potential new sports, focusing on the youth, will also be considered. According to the IOC, for a sport to be included in the Olympics, it must meet certain criteria. These include reducing cost and complexity, putting sports first in the availability of the best players with safety and health, global appeal, interest of the host country, gender equality, youth relevance, long-term sustainability, etc.

Eight countries are playing in the T20 format in the Commonwealth Games.
Cricket has been included in the current Commonwealth Games but only women cricketers are participating in it. Eight countries are playing in the T20 format. But the sport included in the Olympic Games must have both men and women. ICC CEO Geoff Allardyce said he was pleased with the way cricket continues to be a special attraction at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Allardyce said that we have seen in the Commonwealth Games how the best players in the world are enjoying playing in front of a large number of spectators and I am sure a lot of viewers will be watching it on TV too.

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