CWG 2022: At the end of Deepak Poonia’s bout, there was an accident in the Commonwealth Games, wrestling matches were stopped for an hour

Wrestling competitions halted at the Commonwealth Games...- India TV Hindi News
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Wrestling competitions halted at the Commonwealth Games 2022


  • Major accident averted in Commonwealth Games
  • The accident happened soon after Deepak Poonia’s bout
  • Wrestling matches had to be halted for an hour for security checks

CWG 2022: In the Commonwealth Games today i.e. on Friday, a big accident kept happening. At the Coventry Arena, the venue of wrestling, Indian wrestler Deepak Poonia had just come off the mat after winning his round of 16 match when the speaker mounted on the ceiling fell down. This is considered a big security lapse in such a large multi-sport event, in which 72 countries are participating.

Major accident averted at Commonwealth Wrestling Stadium

The speaker’s fall at the Coventry Arena took place at 4.45 pm IST. If the same incident had happened a few moments ago, then India’s star wrestler Deepak Poonia could also have fallen prey to it. After this, the wrestling matches taking place here had to be stopped for an hour. All the players, officials, media personnel and spectators present there were thrown out of the stadium due to security reasons. Only a few volunteers were allowed inside for safety and health checks. In an official statement, the organizers said, “The matches have been stopped due to a technical snag. Every equipment is being re-examined. The mats have been taken under security cover.”

Ceiling speaker fell down at Coventry Arena

“I don’t know, but someone told me that a speaker on the ceiling had fallen,” said a volunteer present during the incident at the Commonwealth Games wrestling venue.

It took the organizers more than an hour to conduct a thorough inspection of the stadium and no wrestling match could take place during this period. The match started at around 6.00 hrs IST.

,speaker scandal Deepak and Bajrang Punia won before

Just before the speaker scandal at Coventry Arena, Deepak Poonia won his first match in the men’s freestyle 86kg category. He defeated New Zealand wrestler Matthew Oxenham 10-0 to seal his place in the quarterfinals. Before Deepak Poonia, Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia made it to the quarterfinals by winning the men’s freestyle 65 kg category. He defeated Nauru wrestler Lou Bingham 4-0 in his round of 16 match.

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