CWG 2022 Indian Women’s Hockey Team Lost Semifinal Match Against Australia FIH Apologizes on Timing Controversy

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Australia beat women’s hockey team 3-0 in a shootout in the semi-finals

CWG 2022: The Indian women’s hockey team had to face defeat against Australia in the semi-finals of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. However, India had made this match a draw, but the Kangaroo team won in the penalty shootout. But during this shootout a controversy also arose. This dispute was related to the timing of the clock. Now the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has apologized for the controversy surrounding the clock during the Indian women’s team’s semi-final loss against Australia.

The FIH said in its statement, “During the semi-final match played between the Australia and India women’s teams at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, the shootout was accidentally started too early (the clock was not ready to operate at the time) for which we Apologies.” The statement further said, “In such a situation, there is a process of taking penalty shootout again and it has been done. The FIH will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident so that such issues can be avoided in future.”

CWG 2022: Indian women’s hockey team loses in semi-finals, controversy arose over poor umpiring in penalty shootout

What was the whole matter?

In fact, Australia’s Rosie Malone, who missed her first attempt during the penalty shootout, was given another chance. This happened because the eight second countdown on the scoreboard had not even started. Malone did not miss the second chance and gave his team the lead. This is where the Indian team came under pressure. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why the star striker of the Indian team could not make his attempt successful even once. India eventually lost the semi-final match 0-3 in a shootout. After the stipulated four quarters, both the teams were tied at 1-1. The audience had also expressed anger over this decision of the technical officials.

Kiwi challenge will be in front of bronze medal match

Australia beat India 3-0 in a null shootout to knock India out of the gold medal race. Now India will face New Zealand on Sunday for the bronze medal. Earlier, India’s performance in the group stage was excellent. The team started the campaign by beating Ghana 5–0. After this, however, the team lost 3-1 against England. But then Wales was defeated by the Women in Blue 3-1 and Canada 3-2 to make it to the final of the Commonwealth Games for the fifth time. India has so far won one gold (2002) and one silver medal (2006) in the Commonwealth Games.

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