CWG 2022, LAWN BOWLS RULES: India reached the finals for the first time in the ‘lawn bowl’ game, know everything about the game being played since 1930

CWG 2022, LAWN BOWLS RULES: India’s weightlifters dominated the first four days of the ongoing 22nd Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Indian players won seven medals out of 9. In this, all three golds also came from the same game. But on Monday, August 1, i.e. on the fourth day of these games, the name of such a game came in the discussion about which most of the people of India would hardly know. We are talking about the ‘Lawn Bowl’, which has been a part of the Commonwealth Games since 1930 and India has reached the final of this game for the first time. Yes, you heard it right, our women’s team has done this wonders. The four-player team of Lovely Choubey, Pinky, Nayanmoni Saikia and Roopa Rani Tirkey created history by defeating New Zealand 16-13 in the semi-finals of this game. Now that our women’s team is close to winning the gold medal in this game today, let us know about this game, its method and rules.

Lawn bowl is primarily an outdoor game and is played on a lush green lawn. It has been a part of the Commonwealth Games since 1930. But India never got any medal in this sport in 22 years. While England has so far won a total of 51 medals (20 gold, 9 silver and 22 bronze).

what is lawn bowl game

Lawn Bowl is a fun game and is kind of like golf. Because there too the ball has to reach a target and there is something similar in this game as well. However, there are also many big differences between the two, in which the biggest difference is that in golf, the stick is used, whereas in lawn ball, the ball has to be sent forward by hand. Well let’s know about this game. Actually there is a ball in this game which is also called Jack i.e. Goal. The ball has to be sent while rolling on the ground by aiming towards this jack itself. Both the teams playing in this have to follow the same procedure and send their ball as close to the jack as possible. The one whose balls are closest to the jack is the winner on the basis of points.

How’s the ball?

The ball used in this game is made of rubber, wooden or plastic roll. It weighs up to 1.59 kg. The ball, however, is not perfectly spherical and has two sides, which are called bias and non-bias. Both these sides have their own importance. The weight of one side of the ball is also slightly higher, due to which it goes inwards after rolling.

what are the rules of the game

The game begins with a toss on the lines of cricket by tossing a coin. The side winning the toss rolls the jack to the front standing on the mat first. Here the jack has to be sent beyond the prescribed distance of 23 meters. After that the game starts. Both sides roll the ball one by one from the under arm towards the jack and in this the one whose ball is closest to the jack gets a point. In this game of different rounds, the team or player with the most points wins. Although it is not that easy because in this the speed and direction of the ball matters a lot.

How many ways is this game played?

The Lawn Bowl is played in a total of four ways, each with different names. There are singles, doubles, teams of three players and teams of four players. Each player is divided on the basis of his number and on this basis rounds also increase or decrease. There are separate teams for both men and women in this game.

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