CWG 2022 Opening Ceremony: PV Sindhu and Manpreet Singh lead India, Commonwealth Games with 72 countries off to a grand start at Alexander Stadium

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CWG 2022 Opening Ceremony:

CWG 2022 Opening Ceremony: The 22nd Commonwealth Games began in Birmingham, England on Thursday. Britain’s rich cultural heritage and inclusivity were showcased at the opening ceremony at Alexander Stadium. 72 member countries became a part of this program and represented their respective countries. The Games are set to become Britain’s biggest and most expensive sport since the 2012 London Olympics. They are being organized exactly 10 years after the London Olympic Games. The opening ceremony marks the start of the 11-day long Games in which more than 5000 players from 72 countries will compete in 280 events across 19 sports across 15 venues.

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70 cars combined to make Britain’s flag ‘Union Jack’

The Commonwealth Games are the first large-scale sports to be held without various restrictions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Drum player Abraham Paddy Teteh opened the opening ceremony at Alexander Stadium filled with ‘rafters’. After this, Indian classical singer and composer Ranjana Ghatak led the program. The purpose of this section was to showcase the diversity of the city. Meanwhile, 70 cars in red, white and blue combined to form the ‘Union Jack’, the flag of Britain. Even Prince Charles, representing Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied the Duchess of Cornwall in his Aston Martin car. The cars were presented as such to tell the city’s motor industry history.

tribute to charlie chaplin

After displaying Birmingham’s culture and diversity, tributes were paid to the great clown Charlie Chaplin. This great comedian was projected as the hero of the city. In fact, from London to Birmingham, his place of birth has been the subject of discussion. The great writer William Shakespeare was also mentioned. The broadcaster discussed the ‘Shakespeare First Folio’, the new library in Birmingham. It is the largest public library in Britain. A fiery bull was used to represent the Industrial Revolution which caught everyone’s attention in this colorful ceremony. The mascot of the games is ‘Perry the Bull’.

PV Sindhu and Manpreet Singh led India

As is the custom of the Commonwealth Games, Australia, the host of the previous Games, came first in the parade, followed by other countries in the Oceania region. Other countries then entered the stadium according to the alphabet of their region. After Australia, countries from Africa, America, Asia and the Caribbean region came to the stadium. When India’s number as host of the 2010 Games came, people applauded and welcomed the players with applause. Two-time Olympic medalist PV Sindhu and men’s hockey team captain Manpreet Singh were leading the Indian team.

England entered the stadium as the last nation

As per tradition, hosts England entered the stadium as the last nation. When the England team reached the stadium, the song Twi Will, We Will Rock You was playing. This was followed by the unfurling of the Commonwealth Games flag and then CGF President Martin delivered his speech. Finally the ‘Prince of Wales’ read the Queen’s message to start the Games.

More than 2000 artists performed

Duran Duran Band was also the highlight of this colorful ceremony which lasted for two and a half hours, which also concluded the program. Famous composer Tony Iommi of ‘Black Sabbath’ and ‘City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’ also presented a captivating performance, while ‘Ribble Valley’ talented young singer Samantha Oxborough sang the British national anthem ‘God Save the Queen’. Grammy Award winning guitarist Iommi and saxophonist Soweto Kinch also enthralled the audience. This was followed by over 2000 artists showcasing the city’s rich past and present. He also showcased the mutual relations between the 72 countries associated with the Commonwealth Games.

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