CWG 2022: These two friends of India hoisted the tricolor in England, won gold medals in Commonwealth Games with a record on the same day

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Jeremy Lalrinnunga and Achinta Sheuli


  • Jeremy lifted 300 kg in the 67 kg weight category
  • Achinta lifted a total of 313 kg in the 73 kg weight category.
  • Both won gold in their first Commonwealth Games

CWG 2022: Jeremy Lalrinnunga and Achinta Sheuley hardly need any introduction now. Coming from two different states of the country, these youths have created history in England at the age of just 19 and 20. The third day of the 22nd Commonwealth Games in Birmingham was in the name of these two friends. While Jeremy started the day by winning gold in the 67 kg weightlifting category, Achinta took the yellow medal in the 73 kg weight category at the end of the day.

Now come on the friendship of both. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has shared a very old photo of Jeremy and Achinta on their official Twitter account. In this, both the players are seen sitting with each other in an academy. Sai shared the caption with the picture and wrote that one frame and two people making history. It further read, “Jeremy was the first Indian to win Gold at the Youth Olympics in 2018. While Achinta became the first Indian male player to win a medal (Silver) at the Junior World Championships in 2021.”

It has become a matter of old achievements of both the players. Now let’s know what amazing these two star players have done in the Commonwealth Games. Jeremy and Achinta were participating in the Commonwealth Games for the first time. But before that both of them had created history in the youth world championship. It was the biggest event for both of them at the senior level and they themselves knew its importance. On reaching the mat, he showed full restraint with his full training and youthful zeal and captured the gold medal in his first Commonwealth Games itself.

Jeremy sets new Commonwealth record

The 19-year-old Jeremy of Mizoram, India’s northeastern state, was the first to do wonders. He set a target of more weight than the rest of the players in the first snatch round. After this, easily lifted the weight of 136 kg in the first attempt. Jeremy did not stop there and he set a new Commonwealth Games record by lifting 140 in his second attempt. Although the Indian player had tried to lift a weight of 143 kg in the last attempt, but he missed it.

Jeremy made history by lifting the most weight despite pain

Jeremy continued his dominance in the clean and jerk after taking the lead in the snatch round. The star player lifted a weight of 154 kg in the first attempt. However, after this he appeared in pain and it seemed that he would not be able to continue any further. But Jeremy surprised everyone by lifting 160 in the second attempt and created history. Despite the pain, he did not give up and tried to lift 165 kg in the third attempt, but this time he could not handle himself. Despite this, Jeremy, however, lifted a total of 300 kg and managed to set a Commonwealth record.

Achinta made a Games record in the snatch round

20-year-old Achinta, who hails from Bengal’s eastern state of India, also garnered a lot of applause while performing his tremendous performance in his event held late on Sunday. He lifted the Commonwealth Games record by lifting a total of 313 kg in his weight category. He lifted 143 kg in snatch which is a new Commonwealth Games record. He then lifted 170 kg in clean and jerk. He lifted the weight of 10 kg more than his opponent who finished second. He missed only once in a total of six attempts in both the rounds. He lifted 143 kg in the third attempt of the snatch round, while in the clean and jerk round also he lifted the maximum weight of 170 kg in the last attempt.

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