CWG 2022 VIDEO: The coach of the opposition team helped the Jamaican player, a unique view of sportsmanship in badminton match

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Malaysia Badminton coach helps jamaica player

CWG 2022: The craze of the Commonwealth Games is at its peak. Players from 72 countries are presenting their bids for medals in these games being held in Birmingham, England. Representing their respective countries, the players are trying their best to give their best and are engaged in destroying every bet of the opposition team. This is the reason why tough competitions are also being seen between the teams in different sports. Meanwhile, on the first day of the Commonwealth Games on Friday, a unique sight of sportsmanship was seen.

The Malaysian team, considered to be the power house of badminton, faced a weak Jamaica. The match was won by the Malaysian team 5-0 as expected. In this Group D match, the Malaysian team completely dominated Jamaica. During this, there was a moment in the men’s singles match, seeing that everyone was forced to praise him.

Actually, Jamaica team captain Samuel Ricketts was playing a singles match against Malaysia’s Ng Tje Yong. During this, his shoe burst. After this his coach removed the torn part of the shoe with scissors and Ricketts was ready to play the match again, but he also seemed uncomfortable in it. Seeing this, Malaysia’s coach Hendravan took off his shoes and gave them to the Jamaican player and himself sat watching the match without shoes.

The condition of the Jamaican team is not good in terms of budget, so Ricketts also played his doubles match wearing Hendravon’s shoes. However, Ricketts lost 12-21, 16-21 in the singles match and then 21-7, 21-11 in the doubles match. The video of the entire incident was shared on the Commonwealth Games Federation’s official Twitter account, which was shared by the Commonwealth Games Federation. Everyone is liking it a lot.

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