CWG 2022: Wrestling on hockey field at Commonwealth Games! Scuffle broke out between England and Canada players, VIDEO

Brawl in England vs Canada hockey match at CWG 2022- India TV Hindi News
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Brawl in England vs Canada hockey match at CWG 2022


  • Fight in the hockey match between England and Canada
  • Players scuffle during the hockey match of Commonwealth Games 2022
  • The fight ended after the referee intervened

Brawl in ENG vs CAN Hockey Match CWG: Every team is performing brilliantly on the field of hockey in the Commonwealth Games 2022. All the players in Birmingham are playing the best hockey of their career. But on Thursday, along with hockey, wrestling was also played on this ground. The view of the stadium was completely different during the men’s hockey match between hosts England and Canada. For this match, along with the audience present there, all the people who were enjoying the match on TV got to see wrestling besides hockey. During this match, two players from England and Canada clashed and there was a fierce scuffle between them. All the spectators were surprised to see the wrestling of these players who entertained everyone by scoring goals with hockey sticks. Seeing the matter gaining momentum, the referee and the organizers present in the stadium had to intervene in the field.

Scuffle broke out between Canada and England player

The hero, or rather, the villain, was the Canadian player Balraj Panesar and the England player Chris Griffith. The England team was playing this match in an aggressive manner from the beginning. With the semi-finals at stake, the English team was playing aggressively. Meanwhile, Panesar’s stick got stuck in the hand of Griffith of England. The incident enraged Griffith and pushed Panesar backwards, Panesar retaliated and grabbed the England player’s neck. What was then, both the players grabbed each other’s jerseys and started pulling them towards them and scuffled.

The referee calmed the matter

The referee had to come between the two to pacify the ongoing fight between Balraj Panesar and Chris Griffith. Players of both the teams also helped Kefri in this intervening action. After a lot of struggle, both the players were separated. Now it was the turn of the players to be punished, the referee showed the Canadian player Panesar the red card and England’s Griffith the yellow card.

England made it to the semi-finals by registering a win

After this fight, the Canadian team, playing with only 10 players, was defeated by England 11-2. The win secured England a place in the semi-finals, where they will take on Australia on 6 August.

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