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  Daily Love Rashifal 10 November- India TV Hindi News

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Daily Love Rashifal 10 November

Daily Love Rashifal 10 November: How will today’s day be for the love life of all 12 zodiac signs and by which measures you can improve it, know the answers to all these questions from famous astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwala.


You can go beyond limits to impress your partner and connect with them on a deeper level, says Ganesha. Share your feelings and thoughts with others.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 6

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You will come across as a very exciting lover to your partner, and that will be very attractive, says Ganesha. Do some cooking and help with household chores and it will be very romantic again. To go shopping and have a good time together.

Lucky colour: pink
Lucky Number : 5


You will act as a mentor to your friends and relatives, who will need serious advice related to their relationships, says Ganesha. You will sit with them, understand their concerns and discuss solutions with them. This is how you will spend time with each other.

Lucky Color: Blue
Lucky Number: 7

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You are very helpful from heart, says Ganesha, and people will approach you as they need a shoulder to cry on. Though you should show some sympathy towards them but at the same time you have to give time to your loved one as well. Will make your relationship really beautiful.

Lucky Colour: White
Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says that you will have the urge to express your love in the most beautiful way, so don’t delay it any longer. Dress to kill, put a nice cologne on your clothes, buy a nice gift and propose in a very charming and subtle way.

Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Number: 2


There will be a very smooth flow of conversation between you and your loved one, says Ganesha, and it will be amazing to see both of you in a deep and passionate discussion. The bond between you two will be renewed and you will fall in love again.

Lucky Colour: Yellow
Lucky Number: 4


Ganesha says that the way to deepen your love relationship is to talk at a deeper level. Express your feelings very openly and share deep secrets with your partner. Now the time has come for you to settle all the differences and disputes and enjoy your unity.

Lucky Colour: Purple
Lucky Number: 1


Ganesha says this is the day to do something special and both of you will enjoy making it special. Another great idea is to combine different activities like indulging in some artistic activities, educational campaigns and then going on a romantic candlelight dinner.

Lucky Colour: Green
Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says that if you are looking for true love then you have to go out, meet new people and listen to them. The trick is to not talk too much about yourself and let others talk about you. Focus on the positive aspects and ignore the minor flaws.

Lucky Colour: Sky
Lucky Number: 9


You generally like to stay in your own house and don’t like to be in the limelight, says Ganesha. Today people around you will get to see a different side of you and you will mesmerize them with your flamboyant behavior and loving behavior.

Lucky Colour: Brown
Lucky Number: 11


This is a good day to host a party and develop your relationships with others, says Ganesha. If you are thinking of getting into a relationship, you need to find places where the two of you can sit, relax and have a good conversation. It’s time to get out and explore.

Lucky Color: Purple
Lucky Number: 15

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Ganesha says that if you are facing difficulties in your love relationship then you should go to some party today and enjoy it because it makes no sense to stay at home and argue again and again. You should meet someone who can cheer you up and indulge you in a good laugh.

Lucky Colour: Golden
Lucky Number: 12

Author: Shri Astrologer Chirag Daruwala is the son of expert astrologer Bejan Daruwala, known for his detailed astrological predictions on love, finance, career, health and business.

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