Dangerous ‘Cobra’ was sitting in the ‘fridge’, on seeing the senses of the family members, there was chaos in the neighborhood!

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Karnataka Shocking news has come out from Tumkaru of (Karnataka). where one dangerous snake (cobra) fridge Sitting in the back of the fridge, he was seen resting. When a member of the house reached the kitchen, saw him and told this to the other people of the house, there was chaos in the house. Women and children started running outside the house. The forest officials were immediately informed about this. Immediately after receiving the news, the officers reached the spot, then the atmosphere calmed down a bit.

screaming in the family

The case is of a village in Karnataka. Where the cobra entered the kitchen of a house and sat down near the back of the fridge. It is being told that the family saw a dangerous cobra in their refrigerator, seeing which their senses were blown away in fear. After seeing the cobra in the kitchen of the house, there was an atmosphere of fear in the family. The screaming was so loud that even the local people reached the spot.

Forest officials pulled out like this

After getting the information, the forest officials who reached the spot took out the snake very carefully. The back of the fridge was tapped with the help of a long stick. The Cobra had made its way down the circular compressor. Which was carefully taken out by the snake catcher and locked it in a jar, then the family members heaved a sigh of relief.

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