Desh Ki Awaaz How much do Muslims trust BJP and Modi Know what India TV survey says: How much do Muslims trust BJP? Know what India TV survey says

India TV survey decodes the mood of Hindus and Muslims of the nation- India TV Hindi News
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India TV survey decodes the mood of Hindu and Muslims of the nation


  • What does India think on Hindu Muslim politics?
  • Will Modi be able to become the choice of Pasmanda Muslim?
  • Largest survey of the country’s thinking on the question of religion

Desh Ki Awaaz: In its survey, India TV-Matterize narrated the nation’s Mann Ki Baat on Modi in 543 Lok Sabha seats in the country’s voice. The political status of BJP in twelve states was also explained. In the voice of the country, now we will give you answers to the questions arising in the name of Hindu-Muslim in the country. These questions are in the mind of every citizen of India. But what does the country collectively think? Want to know all this. Our survey includes all the questions related to the rain of flowers on kanwariyas to bulldozer action, on the basis of which we tried to know the mind of Hindus and Muslims.

Do Muslims have faith in Modi?

Narendra Modi is the biggest face in today’s political picture. But we have tried to know how much Muslims trust Narendra Modi, who has been commanding the country for 8 years. In the figures that came out in the survey, only 8 percent of Muslims said that they have faith in Modi. 76 percent of Muslims said that they do not have faith in PM Modi. At the same time, there were 16 percent Muslims who were not in a position to say anything. What came out on the main questions of our survey, see in these figures-

In whom do Muslims trust the most?

NDA 9%
UPA 38%
regional party 31%
on no one 6%

Are Pasmanda Muslims with Modi?

Yes 22%
No 64%
No 14%

Will the Muslims who get government gas and gas vote for Modi?

Yes 9%
No 74%
Can not say 17%

What do women think about Modi?
In the India TV-Materise Survey, we tried to know from half the population of the country, that is, women, how much they are affected by all the policies and schemes of Modi. Let us tell you that in one of his election meetings, PM Modi has told women his secret voters. The law against triple talaq is considered Modi’s biggest bet for women. But what do women think about this, its figures are as follows-

Will women vote for Modi by stopping triple talaq?

Muslim women Hindu women
Yes 9% 24%
No 72% 62%
Don’t know 19% 14%

Should PFI be banned?
In this sequence, we also asked the people of the country whether the PFI (Popular Front of India) organization should be closed? The opinion of both Hindus and Muslims came out differently regarding this. What was the opinion of Hindus and Muslims on banning PFI-

Muslim Hindu
Yes 19% 54%
No 67% 28%
Don’t know 14% 18%

What is the opinion of Hindus and Muslims regarding religious issues?
In our survey, we also got to know from Hindu-Muslims their opinion on all religious issues. It also included the issue of ‘Sir Tan Se Juda’, Ghazwa-e-Hind and Madrasas. The opinion that came out on some questions in the survey data is as follows-

Will ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ cause polarization?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 54% 72%
No 42% 12%
Don’t know 4% 16%

Is Ghazwa-e-Hind possible?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 18% 61%
No 56% 32%
Don’t know 26% 7%

Do madrassas increase fanaticism?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 67% 16%
No 16% 66%

Is it okay to stop praying in the open?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 72% 8%
No 24% 88%
Don’t know 4% 4%

Is Yogi’s bulldozer model correct?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 64% 21%
No 31% 71%
Don’t know 5% 8%

What do the Hindus and Muslims of the country think on the disputes related to religious places?
In this survey of the country’s voice, we tried to know the mind of the people on the controversies related to many important religious places, from Ram Mandir to Mathura and Gyanvapi. The opinion of Hindus and Muslims about this also appeared quite different. See what were the survey figures-

Should worship start in Gyanvapi?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 62% 6%
No 31% 81%
Don’t know 7% 13%

Will BJP get votes by building Ram Mandir?

Hindu Muslim
Yes 48% 72%
No 38% 12%
Don’t know 14% 16%

Hindus should get full rights on Krishna Janmabhoomi-

Hindu Muslim
Yes 71% 11%
No 21% 77%
Don’t know 8% 12%

Should there be a population control law?
Increasing population is becoming a big issue in the country. Many politicians keep raising the demand to make a law regarding this. Even before the recent Uttar Pradesh elections, Yogi had also talked about bringing a bill on population. So at the same time the Center is also churning about the population law. We got to know the opinion of the Hindus and Muslims of the country regarding the population control law.

Hindu Muslim
should become law 78% 22%
should not be 18% 67%
don’t know 4% 11%

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