Did Govinda’s film career sink due to joining politics? Know why Bollywood actor Govinda acting career failed because he joined politics

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Bollywood actor Govinda

Bollywood Superstar: Govinda’s name is included as a successful actor in the film world. People of his acting and dance steps are still crazy about him. In the 90s, Govinda’s films used to rock the box office and silver screen. In films, Govinda made everyone crazy with his strong character and tremendous style. Even though Govinda is away from films today, there is no shortage in his fan following. Govind has been a superhit, famous and successful actor of his time. But what happened due to which the graph of his film career went down. After all, why did Govinda distance himself from films?

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Acting career of Govinda

Govinda made his film debut in 1986 with the film ‘Ilzaam’. This film was a huge hit. After this, Govinda appeared in more than one hit films like ‘Coolie Number One’, ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Naseeb’, ‘Hero Number One’, ‘Dulhe Raja’, ‘Aunty Number One’. By the way, Govinda worked with many actresses. But his pairing with Karisma Kapoor and Raveena Tandon was well-liked on screen.

Because of this, Govinda stayed away from films

As fast as Govinda achieved success in the film world, the graph of his film career also went down. The reason for this is believed to be Govinda’s entry into politics. Govinda started his career as an actor-turned-politician in 2004. At this time Govinda entered politics and he contested the Lok Sabha elections on behalf of the Congress party. Govinda also won the election. But despite this, he did not remain active in politics for long. The main reason for this was not disclosed by Govinda. But it is said that due to being active in politics, he was not able to give much attention and time to his acting.

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When Govinda was in politics, he always reached late on the sets for shooting. Due to this the other cast members of the team had to wait. This also angered the filmmakers with Govinda. So gradually his acting career went on to flop. Please tell that Govinda was also a member of Parliament from 2004-2009. But he could not keep pace with politics for a long time and he distanced himself from politics. During his film career, Govinda has worked in more than 165 films.

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