Digital Layoffs: Know what is digital layoffs, what it means for employees and companies – Know what is digital layoffs what it means for employees and companies


  • Mortgage company zoom call had fired 900 workers

  • Meta fired 11000 thousand personnel

Recently, Twitter and Facebook parent company Meta has shown the way out of several thousand employees. On 9 November, META fired about 11000 thousand personnel. At the same time, Twitter has fired many workers from their jobs. A mail was made on behalf of Twitter to remove the employees that your job may be lost. With this, it has been announced by Amazon that it will no longer be hiring in its corporate office. Along with this, over time, there can also be a reduction in personnel. At the same time, Silicon Valley firms Stripe and Lyft have also announced large-scale layoffs. This retrenchment is being called digital retrenchment. Let us know what is digital layoffs and what it means for employees and companies.

What is Digital Sorting
The dismissal of several thousand of its employees through Twitter and Meta is being considered inhumane behavior. After several Twitter employees were fired, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) in Ireland called Twitter’s actions unacceptable and said that employees should be treated with respect. Let us tell you that like Twitter, Swedish financial technology company Klarna sent a pre-written message last year to lay off 700 employees. Similarly, another company fired 800 of its workers on a zoom call. Mortgage company used Zoom calls to lay off 900 workers in 2021. The sorting done in this way is called digital sorting. It can be understood in simple language in such a way that when you come to know through digital medium that you no longer have a job or you have been fired from the company, then it is called digital layoff.

What will be the impact on employees and companies
The way many companies including Twitter, Meta have shown the way out of thousands of their employees. This can affect the company and the people working in it. Firstly, the employees working in these companies will be in fear that the next number is not theirs. Along with this, those who wish to work in this, they will think many times before applying in these companies. If this happens, the company’s reputation may be affected. Along with this, the attrition rate of that company also becomes very high. Which affects the image of the company. Along with this, the market rate of that company also goes down a lot.

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