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Delhi Liquor Policy: Discount on liquor once again in Delhi


  • Private shopkeepers are selling liquor at huge discounts
  • This law was brought on November 17
  • Liquor will be sold according to MRP only in government shops

Delhi Liquor Policy, If you are from Delhi then this news can be special for you. The Delhi government is going to implement a new policy regarding liquor from August 1. At present, cheap liquor is being sold in Delhi as per the old policy. If you are a wine lover, then you will be very happy to read this news. The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi has told that now from August 1, only liquor will be sold in government shops. After this decision, there has been a crowd outside the shops of private shopkeepers. Private shopkeepers are selling liquor at huge discounts. In such a situation, everyone is buying as much alcohol as they can. Videos from many places are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Why is this happening?

The Kejriwal government has announced to withdraw its new excise policy. This law was brought on 17 November. After this decision, it has become clear that liquor will be sold in Delhi under the old excise policy. The government had claimed that it would be of great benefit to the Delhi government, with the government anticipating that the decision would increase revenue. In the last several months, more than 200 shops have been closed in Delhi. Now again such a situation has arisen that the shops which are left will also be closed. Because of this, liquor is being available in Delhi at a very low price. A liquor businessman from Delhi told that what the government wants to do is not clear yet. The government was first forced to give a discount on liquor, due to which there was a loss of crores of rupees. Now again order has been given to give exemption on alcohol. Due to this loss, many brands in Delhi have stopped making liquor. Overall, the Delhi government is not able to clarify what will be the rules for private shopkeepers.

Will cheap liquor be available even further?

In the first few months of the year, the Delhi government had given a huge discount on liquor. Again, due to the old policies, huge discounts are being given on liquor in Delhi. But after August 1, they will stop getting such cheap liquor. License of private shopkeepers of Delhi will be cancelled. And according to the MRP, liquor will be sold only at government shops.

What did the Congress leader write?

Congress leader Anil Chaudhary, while sharing a video about this law, wrote on Twitter that “This is Delhi, today before joining Tilak Nagar district, saw this scene on a contract, then a question came to mind? What after Kejriwal you Delhi? want to make

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