Doctors removed a 10 kg kidney tumor, the size of a football. doctors at Hyderabad hospital remove football-sized kidney tumor

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Hyderabad: Doctors at the Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU) in Hyderabad have successfully removed a football-sized kidney tumor weighing 10 kg to save the life of a 53-year-old man. The hospital said on Thursday that this successful surgery is the first recorded in the Telugu states and the second in the country.

AINU was referred to the patient due to swelling in the stomach

A team of urologists led by Dr. Mallikarjun C included Dr. Taif Bendigeri and Dr. Rajesh K Reddy. He successfully carried out this challenging process. According to the doctors, the patient, a resident of Kadapa, was referred to AINU due to abdominal swelling. On examination it was found that the tumor was arising from the left kidney.

Dr. Mallikarjuna explained, “Given the size of the tumor, we ruled out the robotic procedure and opted for open surgery instead. The tumor was successfully removed after a lot of effort. After the surgery, we found that The tumor was huge, the size of a football.”

cancer affected left kidney removed
Dr. Taif and Dr. Rajesh said, ‚ÄúThere was abdominal swelling, surprisingly the patient did not pay much attention to it or ignored it despite the pain. Our team removed the cancerous left kidney. Microscopic surgical margin The tumors were clear for complete removal. Fortunately, it was found that the patient did not require any additional therapy as the tumor had not spread to any other organ. We have cautioned him against neglecting follow-up. This has led to regular Monitoring will help.”

According to AINU Executive Director and Chief Consultant Urologist Dr Poornachandra Reddy, urological cancers are on the rise across the world and need to be taken seriously. AINU routinely performs surgeries for urological malformations. It is equipped with surgical robots and laparoscopy which facilitates through hole surgery.

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