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A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The terror of a dog can be seen in this viral video. The terror of dogs has increased a lot in recent times. In this viral video you can see how the dog has attacked the guard. At the same time, the owner of the dog present on the spot is seen controlling the dog.

How did the guard save himself?

According to social media, this video is being told of Unitech Horizon Society of Greater Noida. In this video you can clearly see that the guard is sitting on his chair, only then is coming from the front, the dog attacks. The guard makes every effort to save himself but is unable to save. In this video you can see that the guard is seen holding his hand. It appears that the dog attacked the guard’s hand. The dog’s owner then immediately looks at the guard’s hand and handles her dog. This is not the first such case. Such news is coming out every day.

Know all these rules before getting a dog

  1. To keep a dog, first of all it is necessary that he must be vaccinated against rabies. Apart from this, keep getting his other vaccinations done from time to time.
  2. If there is a dog in the house, put a warning board to warn people.
  3. If you take it out for a walk, then definitely apply anti dog bite mask.
  4. This mask can be made of nylon, jute or cotton. By applying it, the dog cannot open its mouth.
  5. Dog owners must go to the municipal corporation and register it. Keep renewing it from time to time.
  6. Sometimes you may have to get NOC from your neighbours, but it is not always mandatory.
  7. If you take the dog out, then there is a leash around its neck and the control of the rope is in your hands. It is also necessary to have a stick along with it.
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