Dog hanged, then tortured to death- video viral Ghaziabad youth hanged dog to death video goes viral

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Killed the dog hanging from the noose

A heart-wrenching video has surfaced from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Two youths here killed a dog by hanging him from the noose. The video went viral on Monday. After the video surfaced, the police has called the youths seen in the video to the police station for questioning. In this video, two men are seen hanging a dog on the noose.

both are pulling the rope with full force

It can be seen in the video that this young man is also holding each end of the rope in his hands. Which both are pulling towards them with full force, so that the dog suffocates. At present, in the investigation of the police, it has been found that this case is of Ilaichipur village of Tronica City police station area. It is being told that the video which has gone viral is about three months old.

Villagers were troubled by the dog: Villagers

At the same time, the villagers are scared after the matter reached the police. He does not want to talk to anyone about this matter. The villager says that the dog whose video has now gone viral. He is about three months old. The people of the village were upset with that dog. Then the youths together made a plan to kill him.

The dog kept walking by pressing the newborn in the mouth

In another news, a newborn girl was found dead on Saturday afternoon on Gumnawara Road in Jhansi. According to doctors, the baby must have been born two-three days earlier. The street dog was carrying him by pressing him in his mouth. People ran away the dog and informed the police about it. There was a clip in the navel of the newborn girl.

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