Dog terror continues, 5-year-old dies during treatment, doctor’s negligence after being bitten – Karnataka chikkaballapur dog bite death 5 years boy

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dog bite death

A five-year-old child was bitten by a dog in Chikkaballapur, Karnataka. After which the child died. After the dog bite, the family hurriedly took the child to the hospital, but the doctor’s negligence took the child’s life.

doctor’s negligence came to light

Police said that the victims are residents of Korataladinne. According to the information, the relatives said that the doctor did not inject rabies to the child in time, due to which the child died. Following this, people, including the boy’s parents, staged a protest against the negligence of the doctors at the government hospital in Hosuru. He raised questions as to why the child was not vaccinated against rabies during the treatment of dog bite?

Was admitted to Indira Gandhi Hospital when the condition became serious
On October 30, a child playing outside the house was bitten by a dog. After which his parents took him to the nearby Hosur Government Hospital, where the doctor gave him an injection and sent him back. But when the child did not recover, they took him to a private hospital in Gauribadanur town. Due to her critical condition, she was referred to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health in Bengaluru.

Poison had affected the brain
The child died during treatment at Indira Gandhi Hospital. A blood test showed that the poison from the dog bite had affected the brain. When the parents came to the Hosur government hospital for their child’s death certificate, they found out that the doctor had not told them about the rabies vaccination given to their child during treatment. When asked, the doctor and staff gave evasive answers. In this regard, parents, relatives and people staged a protest and demanded action against the doctor.

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