Dog terror continues in Noida, innocent girl was badly bitten and injured, owner fined heavily

Dog terror in Noida - India TV Hindi News

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dog menace in noida

The menace of dogs in Delhi-NCR is not taking its name. Again in Greater Noida the dog has bitten a girl child. But this time the authority swung into action and imposed a heavy fine on the owner of the dog.

Noida terror again in Greater Noida

In Noida too, the dog has made a girl a victim and has bitten her badly. After which the challan of 10 thousand has been deducted in Noida in the same way as the challan was deducted in Greater Noida. A photo after biting the girl child is going viral on social media. The girl is a resident of U-32 Sector 47 Noida and is said to be the daughter of Pragya Pathak Sharma, a member of the state executive committee of the BJP.

fined so much
According to family members, there are 6 to 10 indigenous dogs in Sector-47. Who are being reared in the adjacent plot. One of the dogs has bitten my daughter. Whose wound can be clearly seen. This incident is of 14 November. Whose photo went viral today. Earlier on Tuesday in Greater Noida, a child was bitten by a dog in the lift. Taking action in this matter, the Noida Authority has issued a notice to the owner of the vacant plot and has sent a fine of Rs 10,000 and a notice to bear the expenses for the treatment of the girl child.

In recent times it is seen that the terror of dogs has increased a lot. In the same year, a woman died after being bitten by a dog in Lucknow. Apart from this, videos went viral on many social media in which terror of dogs was seen.

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