Doggy made his wife, a man caught in a strange situation in the first AC coach of the capital

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Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express & Dog Controversy:A very strange case has come to the fore in the New Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express, where a man took Doggy as his wife. Not only this, he was also traveling by Rajdhani Express with Dog as his wife. But suddenly caught in the investigation of railway employees. After this, the Railways has also imposed a fine on him for doing so. Let us tell you everything about why that person got the chance to do this and where he wanted to go.

Made Doggy a wife and made her sit in the first AC coach

Moradabad GRP team has caught a person who was traveling in AC Rajdhani’s AC coach first class by showing Doggy as his wife. On getting information about this, the checking staff, RPF and GRP jointly apprehended the person. After taking off both the dog and the person from the train, he also fined him. The incident happened on Saturday. When Rajdhani Express left for Dibrugarh from New Delhi at 2 pm. A man had booked a ticket in AC First coach in the name of himself and his wife for going from New Delhi to New Jalpaiguri. But he was taking Doggy instead of his wife. Whereas the dog is not allowed to be carried in the passenger coach.

Ticket for Doggy was booked in the name of wife
To go to New Jalpaiguri, the man had booked a ticket in the name of himself and his wife in Rajdhani Express from New Delhi. The person told the railway employees that he did not get a ticket for the dog. Had to take him along. So booked the ticket in the name of wife. But the railway employees took him down in Moradabad itself and citing railway rules also imposed a fine on the person. After this the person was released. The accused told that he had to do this under compulsion. Because no other ticket was being available to take the dog along.

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