Donald Trump will contest the presidential election again in the year 2024… There can be competition from the leaders of his own party – donald trump again to fight election for president post


  • was defeated in the last election

  • Might get tough competition

Former US President Donald Trump has announced the 2024 US presidential election. He has officially done the paperwork for this. Trump is the first major contender from either the Republican or Democrat parties to formally announce their candidacy. Last week, Trump also indicated that he would announce it soon.

“Tonight, I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States,” Trump was quoted as saying by news agency AFP. The victory of the business tycoon and reality TV star in the 2016 elections shocked the world. The Republican leader is still very popular among his followers and has been very vocal about his ambitions to run for re-election to the White House.

was defeated in the last election
Donald Trump is currently in Florida. He announced his candidature after meeting his supporters. Trump said that his return to America is beginning. After a crushing defeat from Joe Biden in the last election, Trump refused to accept the result. After this, violence was seen in many places in America and Trump had to flee from there. Trump had to face defeat in the 2020 elections. Contrary to an expected “Red Wave”, his Republican Party not only lost the Senate, but also did not gain the majority in the House of Representatives that he had hoped for.

Might get tough competition
The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Despite growing discontent with Trump, he enjoys substantial grassroots support. He has tens of millions in campaign cash and a history of steamrolling competitors. He attracts more working-class voters.” Happened, GOP has been given a demographic makeover. However, for Donald Trump, the path to return to power in America is not going to be so easy. He may face tough competition from other leaders of his own party. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence were also doing the rounds as possible presidential candidates.

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