Drone News: 4 special drones will increase the strength of our army, perfect for espionage and attack

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Drone Technology


  • Warrior drone attacks by forming 2.4
  • Cats Hunter Drone weighs close to 600kg
  • Cats Alpha destroys the enemy as well as himself

Drone News: India is constantly taking measures to equip its forces with new and state-of-the-art methods. After the testing of state-of-the-art missiles, now work is also being done to increase the strength of the army through drones. The way Turkey’s drones have been successfully used in the war in Russia and Ukraine is in front of everyone. There are also 4 such drones in the Indian army, which can make the enemy taste good. One of these is capable of causing destruction up to a range of 100 km. Multiple tasks like spying, surveillance and attack can be done with a single drone. If it is flown by putting it in a fighter jet, then its range and accuracy increases even more.

India has such a drone which has unique features. In the next 2 or 3 years, it can be inducted into the army fleet. It is being developed rapidly. This drone can be used in many ways. Its name is Combat Air Teaming System ie Cats Warrior. It has been made jointly by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ie HAL and DBarDO and two other organizations. These will be used by the Indian Air Force and Navy. Know about four special drones.

Of these, four variants of CATS are being worked on. These are Cats Warrior, Cats Hunter, Cats Alpha and Cats Infinity. All four can be used in different ways. Or they can also be used for the same purpose. The work of making these drones had started from 2018.

cats warrior

This drone is powered by PTAE.7 Twin Turbojet Engine. This Warrior drone attacks by making a formation of 2.4. This is a stealth drone. That is, he is adept at dodging radar. It has a range of 150 km. It is fully capable of surveillance, espionage, attack and suicide attack. On a major mission, its range can be increased to 700 km. This is such a drone in which two Cats Alpha drones can also be sent. It can come back after firing these two drones at the enemy. An investment of Rs 390 crore is being made on this drone.

cats hunter

Cats Hunter Drone weighs close to 600 kg. It also flies with PTAE.7 twin turbojet engine. Its design is also like a missile. It is fired like a cruise missile. It can also be installed by the Indian Air Force in its fighter jets Mirage 2000A Jaguar or Sukhoi Su30 MKI. Its wings are also bent. It is capable of lifting a weapon weighing 250 kg. It can itself become a suicide weapon. Its strike range is 200 to 300 km.

cats alpha

Cats Alpha is built for swarm attacks. It is known as Air Launched Flexible Asset Swarm i.e. Alfa.S. It is also a suicide weapon. Once released, it goes to the target of the enemy and destroys it along with himself. It can go up to a range of 100 kms. Carrying up to 8 kg of explosives, it is capable of attacking at a speed of 100 km per hour. Its weight is 25 kg. 30 to 40 Alpha drones can be fired from a Sukhoi fighter jet.

cats infinity

It is engaged in developing NewSpace Research and Technology. It will be used as a high altitude sudo satellite. It will be such a drone that has the ability to fly continuously for three months at a height of 70 thousand feet. Its weight is 500 kg. It can also keep constant watch from such a height. It will have a wing span of 50 metres. The speed will be 90 to 100 kilometers and its main task will be to keep surveillance on espionage. It can also be prepared to attack in the future.

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