Drone Tear Gas Launcher has been developed by bsf to control rioters.

BSF Develops Drone Tear Gas Launcher- India TV Hindi News
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BSF develops drone tear gas Launcher


  • BSF develops drone to drop tear gas shells
  • Will help in controlling rioters and protesters
  • 2 to 6 tear gas shells can be loaded in this drone

Drone Tear Gas Launcher: The Border Security Force (BSF) has developed a drone that can drop tear gas shells. This can be used by the police to control rioters and protesters. A senior BSF official said the ‘Drone Tear Smoke Launcher’ can be used to drop tear gas shells from the drone. The Tier Smoke Unit of the Border Security Force (BSF) has developed an indigenous drone Tier Smoke Launcher. In this, tear gas shells can be dropped within a radius of 250-300 meters through drones.

Security personnel will also be safe while controlling the crowd

BSF said that it has been prepared by their indigenous Tear Smoke Unit. It has also been tested successfully. At the same time, most of the safety certificates have also been received for its use. This drone technology will soon be used by all police departments and armed police forces. According to the information, this drone technology can be used to control the miscreants and release tear gas shells during any incident. With this, the personnel deployed in the security system will be safe, who at times have to become a victim of their anger while controlling the crowd. Not only this, this technique is also non-lethal.

2 to 6 tear gas shells can be loaded
In a drone, 2 to 6 tear gas shells can be loaded and dropped in the target area. The trial of the magazine has also been done for dropping shells from the drone and filling the shells in the drone. A video of this technique has also been released by BSF. It is believed that it will soon be handed over to different police forces and security forces for use. Significantly, the tear gas unit at the Border Security Force (BSF) Academy was started in 1976. Earlier, tear gas shells were imported into the country from abroad. In 46 years, this unit has made India self-reliant by increasing the capacity of manufacturing tear gas material by 12 times as per the requirement of the security forces of the country.

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