Drunk man forcibly fed poison, but his wife and 4 children survived. Moradabad News Man forcibly fed poison to family, but wife and 4 children survived

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  • There used to be quarrel between husband and wife due to Arjun being addicted to alcohol.
  • Arjun came home in an intoxicated state on Tuesday afternoon.
  • He mixed poison in the food and forced the family to eat it

Moradabad News: of Uttar Pradesh Moradabad The head of the family took a dangerous step and mixed poison in the food of his wife and children to destroy the family. The man tried to poison his family members, but all of them narrowly escaped. It is being told that the man poisoned his wife and four minor children in a state of intoxication. After having food, everyone’s condition deteriorated, then all were admitted to the district hospital, where their condition is now said to be stable.

Know what is the whole matter

The accused has been identified as 40-year-old Arjun Kashyap. Arjun, a resident of Ilar village, was married to Shakuntala. Due to Arjun’s addiction to alcohol, there is often a dispute between husband and wife. Shanktala told that Arjun used to drink alcohol and keeps on beating him every day for intoxication.

According to reports, on Tuesday afternoon, Arjun came home in a state of intoxication and started asking wife Shakuntala to give money to buy liquor, but she refused. Due to which there was a lot of quarrel between the two. Arjun went out of the house and returned after a few minutes with poison. He mixed it with food and forced the family to eat it. After eating the food everyone fainted. Seeing the condition of his wife and children, the neighbors took him to the hospital.

In anger, Arjun took such a step
Doctors said that due to timely hospitalization, he could be saved. Those who fainted included 10-year-old Lakshmi, 8-year-old Rani, 6-year-old Devraj and 4-year-old Kiran, including Shakuntala.

Arjun, who was arrested, told the police that he took such a big step out of anger. Circle Officer Anoop Singh said, “The matter is under investigation and only after the wife comes to her senses, we will record her statement and take further action.” The condition of all the family members is stable.

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