Earthquake tremors twice in the same week, why is the earth shaking again and again

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why earthquakes happen

Earthquake tremors have been felt once again in Delhi-NCR. The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.4 on the Richter scale and its epicenter was Nepal. This is the second time in a week that an earthquake has occurred in the country’s capital, NCR and Nepal. Its impact was maximum in Nepal. Have you ever wondered how this earthquake comes and why this earthquake has happened twice in this week. So let us understand about it in detail.

Why does earthquake happen? ,

Try to understand in easy language. When the plates located inside the earth collide with each other, the earth shakes. Let us tell you that our earth also works like a machine. The Earth is located on 12 tectonic plates. When these plates collide, energy is produced from them. These energies are then converted into earthquakes. Apart from this, there is a process of sliding in some of the earth’s plates every year. Even more we feel the tremors of earthquake.

earthquake What is the center of?

The place below the surface of the ground where rocks collide or break with each other is called an earthquake center. That is, understand the easy language, when you throw stones in water, you will see that where the stone falls, there is a pit. The same place is considered as the center. On the other hand, in the language of science, the line connecting the center of the earth to the center of the earthquake, the place where it cuts the surface of the earth, is considered as the center of the earthquake.

Why are earthquakes happening frequently?
Every year there is a process of shifting of the earth’s plates. This time it was seen that earthquake tremors were found twice in the same week. That is, according to some experts, this process is going on, so earthquakes are being experienced again and again. According to a study, between the years 1315 and 1440, a 600 km long seismic trench was formed from Bhatpur in India to Mohana Khola in Nepal. These gaps are calm for the last 600-700 years but seismic pressure is building up. It may happen that some major setbacks may be seen in the coming time. At present, it is not clear why earthquakes are happening again and again.

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