Embarrassing! Salt rice fed to children in mid-day meal, principal suspended as soon as video goes viral

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ayodhya mid day meal


  • Salt rice fed to children in mid-day meal
  • Principal suspended as soon as the video goes viral
  • Ayodhya case of Uttar Pradesh

The mid-day meal that fills the stomach of the children studying in government schools, it is justified for anyone to get angry when salt rice is fed to the children in the same mid-day meal. This matter has come to the fore from Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh, the same Ayodhya which is currently the subject of discussion all over the world for the construction of a grand temple of Lord Ram. The video viral on social media is of Dehwa Pandey Ka Purva, a primary school in Bikapur, Ayodhya. After the video went viral, when people expressed their displeasure over it through social media, in a hurry, the department took action against the principal and suspended him.

what’s in the viral video

In the viral video, it can be clearly seen how children are eating salt and rice. At the same time, it can also be heard that the person who made the video is saying that when he talked to the village head and the teacher regarding this matter, they refused to take responsibility for it. The person further says in the video that you can see how these children are eating salt and rice here, if this is so, then who will send their children to such a school. Along with this, the creator of the video said that Yogi Adityanath, the head of the state, should also watch this video.

11 crore scam has also happened

Before Ayodhya, a teacher in Firozabad, UP had done a scam of Rs 11 crore on the value of mid-day meal. In the investigation of the Vigilance team, it has come to the fore that this scam has been done between 2008 and 2014. After this news came to the fore, there was a stir in the education department.

what was the whole matter

A committee was formed in the year 2006 by Chandrakant Sharma, an assistant teacher working in Primary School Shikohabad. The name of this committee was Saraswat Residential Education Committee and its registration was done under the Societies Act. After this, from 2008 to 2014, an amount of Rs 11,46,40,384 was paid to this committee under the mid-day meal scheme in Firozabad district. This amount was deposited in Punjab National Bank in Shikohabad and then transferred from there to fake accounts of many other banks.

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