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Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has created havoc in his new company. Musk is taking big decisions one after the other. At the same time, people’s jobs are being lost in the company indiscriminately. Let us tell you that on October 27, Twitter was bought by paying 44 billion 3960 million US dollars. The board was dissolved as soon as Musk took over and announced himself as CEO. The massive restructuring announcements are being discussed globally since Twitter took over. Notifications were emailed to nearly half of Twitter’s global workforce that you may be leaving. In a sense, a warning has been given.

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Digital layoffs It is inhumane to sack employees in this way. The Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland), Twitter’s European Headquarters in Ireland, called Twitter’s actions unacceptable and said that employees should be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately Twitter’s approach resembles the strategies adopted by a large number of companies in recent years. Swedish fintech company Klarna laid off 700 employees last May and sent them a pre-written message to inform them, while another company sacked 800 employees at Zoom in March. Mortgage company Better.com fired 900 employees by Zoom in 2021, a year after electric scooter company Bird used a Zoom webinar to sack more than 400 employees. That is, understand in simple language that when you get information from any digital medium that your job is over or you were fired from the company, then it is called digital retrenchment.

Twitter employees are doing the case
Twitter users exist around the world and employment regulation varies between countries and even US states. Indeed, communications sent to Twitter employees differed based on where they were located. In the US, the federal Employee Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act requires employers with 100 or more employees to provide 60 days’ notice to workers in the event of mass dismissal. Alternatively, employers can provide 60 days of redundancy pay to workers. After Twitter employees in California filed their suit on November 3, it tweeted the following night that each fired employee would be paid three months’ worth. However, a representative for the agency told the New York Times that no warning would be available until the evening of November 3. was not given.

Different mail sent to UK and Europe
Under UK and EU law, companies must negotiate with employees about mass layoffs. This may explain why Twitter employees in the UK and Ireland have been notified in slightly different e-mails that their jobs are at risk. An email sent to UK employees on Friday 4 November said they have until 9 a.m. next Tuesday to nominate someone to represent them in the formal consultation. Twitter has informed employees in Ireland that they should also nominate employee representatives to be involved in the formal consultation process. Twitter did not respond to requests for comment on the process or its communications with employees related to these redundancies.

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