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eNam Yojana in Hindi : E-Nam Yojana i.e. National Agricultural Market Scheme was implemented for the convenience of the farmers of the country. This is such a scheme, which provides a big market to the farmers in online mode.

eNam Yojana has been implemented by the Modi government of the country. The main objective of launching this scheme is to increase the income of farmers across the country by 2 fold. E-NAM i.e. National Agricultural Market Scheme (eNam) is a type of online market.

On which any farmer can easily sell his crop in other states by getting his registration done at the desired price.

Initially when the National Agricultural Market Scheme was launched. Then there was doubt in the minds of the people about this plan whether this scheme would be successful in future or not. But it is a matter of happiness that the farmers of the country took the eNam Yojana by hand and made it a complete success.

For your information, let us tell you that till now more than two and a half crore farmers across the country have benefited under the e-NAM scheme.

What is the reason for the success of eNam Yojana? Enam Portal 2022 in Hindi

eNam Scheme Success Story in Hindi 2022: As we told you above that till now more than two and a half crore farmers have taken the benefit of National Agricultural Market Scheme in India. After registering in this scheme, the income of the farmers started doubling, other farmers have also taken a big initiative towards joining it.

When the e-NAM scheme was launched in the year 2017, the number of farmers joining it was only 17,000. But soon the income of the farmers who joined it started increasing. Impressed by the increase in income, farmers across the country registered under this scheme and today they are earning much more profit than the traditional agricultural markets.

Who started the scheme e-NAM National Agricultural Market Scheme, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, beneficiaries whole country farmer process online official website https://enam.gov.in/web/

What is eNam Yojana Portal?

What is eNam Yojana Portal in Hindi : E-NAM portal is being seen as an alternative to traditional mandis in India. National Agriculture Market is an electronic agriculture portal. Through which farmers across the country are connected at one place.

Through eNam Yojana Portal, farmers get a huge market at the national level to sell their agricultural products and also the opportunity to sell their products at better prices.

The intention of the Modi government behind launching this portal is to increase the income of farmers by 2 times or more by the year 2022.

Till date more than 585 mandis across the country have been connected on e-NAM portal. Along with this, farmers across the country are also getting their online registration done on this portal after being impressed by the benefits of this portal.

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What are the main benefits of eNam Yojana 2022?

  • The e-NAM portal is not a parallel market. Rather it is an online national network of mandis with infrastructure existing across the country.
  • Through the e-NAM portal, traders and farmers are able to establish contact with each other through an online network of mandis.
  • It is such an online platform on which agricultural produce can be bought and sold from one state to another in online mode, that too at a good and attractive price.
  • The e-NAM portal allows you to keep the agricultural price in front of the farmers in a transparent manner. Through this portal, farmers can easily see the prices of mandis across the country.
  • Both buyers and sellers are seen in large numbers on this portal.
  • After purchase through this portal, payment is received very fast. Due to which farmers do not have to wait for getting money.
  • Multiple licenses are necessary to trade agricultural products from mandis to different states of the country, in such a situation, the usefulness of the National Agriculture Portal operating under eNam Yojana increases further.
  • The farmers and traders registered on the e-NAM portal get rid of the barriers at the district level and state level.
  • The biggest advantage of the e-NAM scheme portal is that it has virtually eliminated the role of middlemen. Now farmers and traders can buy and sell agricultural products directly on the online portal itself.
  • With the elimination of the role of intermediaries, agricultural produce has also been freed from unnecessary price increases.
  • On this portal, the purchase and sale of agricultural products like barley, jowar, mustard, soybean, green peas, potatoes, onions were first done through 21 mandis of 8 states.

Objectives of eNam Kisan Yojana

  • The state in which the license of the dealer registered on the e-NAM portal will be made will be effective in the entire state.
  • 90 crops have been selected for general trade in agricultural markets.
  • The main objective of the eNam Portal 2022 is to relieve the farmers from the worry of not getting a good price for their produce.
  • Since the mandis across the country are available at one place on this portal, the farmer can sell his produce in the mandi where he is getting higher price.
  • Farmers have to be completely freed from middlemen and arhtiyas.
  • There are 2700 Krishi Upaj Mandis and 4 thousand sub-markets on this portal. In such a situation, in the old system, trade was done in two mandis of one state. But after the introduction of e-NAM scheme, the mandi of one state can trade with the mandi of another state.

What is the fee for registering on the e-NAM scheme portal?

No fee is payable for registering on eNam portal. The process of registration in the National Agricultural Market Scheme is completely free.

Documents Required for eNam Yojana – Documents Required for Agriculture Market Scheme

  • Any identity card issued by the Government of India
  • bank account passbook
  • blank check
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • mobile number
  • own email id

How to register in e-NAM Mandi?

If you want to register yourself in e-NAM Mandi, then you have to visit nearest e-Nam Mandi. When you go to the e-NAM Mandi for registration, it is very important to have all the necessary documents with you.

What are the main parts of e-NAM scheme?

  • 1 – Farmer
  • 2 – merchant
  • 3 – Buyer

By which agency is eNam operated?

eNam Portal is an internet based platform. This portal is operated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. The cost of training and maintenance of the software used on this portal is also borne by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Where to contact for eNam Yojana Porgramme

If you are a farmer and you want to know more about the e-NAM scheme program, then you can get information by contacting the Small Farmers Agribusiness Organization, New Delhi.

  • Email Address of Small Farmers Agribusiness Organization, New Delhi – nam[एट]sagac.in

What are e-NAM scheme toll free numbers?

  • E-NAM Scheme Toll Free Number – 1800 270 0224
  • Phone Number – +91 11 26862367

What is the address of the e-NAM scheme office?

small farm business association

NCUI Auditorium Building, 5th Floor,

3, Siri Institutional Area

August Kranti Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016

How to Register Online on eNam Yojana Portal

eNam Yojana Portal Par Online Registration Kaise Kare : If you want to do online registration on e-NAM portal sitting at home. So for this you have to go to the official website of eNam, enam.gov.in.

As soon as you click on the link given above, you will directly reach the home page of e-NAM portal.

  • Here you will see an option of registration in the top right side. You have to click on registration here.
  • As soon as you click on it, you reach the eNam Registration Online Form. Now you have to fill this form correctly.
  • First of all choose the type of registration.
  • Select the level of registration.
  • Enter your full name.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Fill in full address including street number.
  • Enter date of birth.
  • Enter pincode.
  • Select the state.
  • Select District and Tehsil.
  • Select the type of your photo ID.
  • Enter the photo ID number.
  • Enter permanent and temporary mobile number.
  • Enter Email ID and enter current license number.
  • Enter company name and company registration number.
  • Fill your bank details including account number, IFSC number.
  • Upload the scanned copy of passbook or canceled cheque.
  • Upload the scanned copy of ID proof.
  • Select the option of Get SMS or Get Email for registration acknowledgment.
  • Finally click on submit button.
  • After doing this, your registration will be done on the e-NAM Kisan Yojana portal.

E – Name Rashtriye Krashi Bazar Yojana Related FAQ

What is e-NAM National Agricultural Market Scheme?

E-NAM National Agriculture Market Scheme is a welfare scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make the farmers of the country financially strong, under which farmers of one state will be able to go to another state and sell their crops at remunerative prices.

How to register under e-NAM National Agricultural Market Scheme?

If you want to register under e-NAM National Agricultural Market Scheme, then you can very easily register by visiting the official portal launched by the department, about which detailed information has been given in the above article.

Can any farmer of the country be benefited by registering on this portal?

Yes! Under this scheme, any farmer of the country can be benefited by applying and for the convenience of the farmers, its registration process has also been started completely free of cost by the department.

What is the main objective of e-NAM National Agricultural Market Scheme?

India is an agricultural country and the economy here is completely dependent on agriculture, so to strengthen the country financially, it is very necessary to strengthen the farmers of the country financially, so this scheme has been started by the Government of India. Which will increase the income of the farmers of the country.

How many farmers of the country are getting registered and getting benefits under this scheme so far?

So far more than 2 crore farmers have been registered in the country under e-NAM National Agricultural Market Scheme and they have expressed good ideas about this scheme.

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