Entomologists found in research due to climate change effects many insects will become completely extinct


  • Insects can be reduced by 50 percent if the temperature is heated to 3.2 ° C

  • Major impact of insects in ecosystem

A new scientific study has found that if climate change is having a significant impact on many insects. Due to which many species of insects can be completely extinct. This study has been done by a team of 70 70 scientists. He has told in his study that climate change affects insects in this way. That in future very few insects will be left. Which will be very harmful for the environment.

Many insects on the verge of extinction
Anahi Espindola, an assistant professor of entomology at the University of Maryland and one of the paper’s co-authors, said some insects are already on the verge of extinction due to global warming and sudden weather changes. At the same time, according to the current trend, some insects will be forced to go to the cooler Telegram climate to keep alive. Whereas some will have to face all these things along with their fertility, life cycle and other species.

Major impact of insects in ecosystem
Along with this, Espindola said that we as humans should realize that we are one of millions of species and we have no reason to believe that we will never go extinct. After the extinction of insect species, it can have an impact on us as well. Also told that insects play a major role in our ecosystem. The team of scientists has reported in their study that there are services in some ecosystems in which climate change can be compromised. To cope with climate change, pests may shift their range or permanently move to locations with lower temperatures.

This will have an effect on insects when the temperature rises
Espindola reported that if temperatures warmed to 3.2 degrees Celsius, the range of nearly half of all insect species would be reduced by 50 percent. On the other hand, if the temperature of 1.5 ° C remains limited, then 6 percent level of insects will be affected. The extinction of insects can have a great impact on human life. Climate change can make the damage to human health and agriculture more widespread for some insects.

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