Environmentalists give big warning to Karnataka, biodiversity in danger

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Karnataka Biodiversity Hotspot:Have you ever heard of Biodiversity Hotspot or Biodiversity Hotspot?… What is their number in

According to environmentalists, the biodiversity hotspots of Karnataka are heading towards a climate catastrophe. Environmentalist Dr. A.N. Yallappa Reddy said that Karnataka is already witnessing climate devastation. Yallappa Reddy said, “Karnataka is facing a climate disaster. It happened recently in Bengaluru. The Western Ghats are in the grip of floods. Recently Swami Malai and one of the most prosperous forest areas Devaragudda were destroyed for 50 years. He said, “The Ansi National Park in the Kali Tiger Project area, which took shape during my tenure as a Conservator of Forests, is one of the most prosperous areas in the world. A broad-gauge railway track, national highway and port are being developed for which lakhs and lakhs of trees are being cut.”

Karnataka is known for its biodiversity

According to official figures, Karnataka is the sixth largest state in India, accounting for 5.83 percent of the country’s geographical area. This state is known for its rich biodiversity. The evergreen forests of the Western Ghats cover about 60 percent of the total forest area. The recorded forest area (RFA) in the state is 38,284 square kilometres. Karnataka supports about 10 per cent of the tiger population and 25 per cent of the country’s elephant population. Karnataka ranks fourth among the top five states in terms of increase in forest cover. According to the India State of Forest Report (ISFR), 2021 published by the Forest Survey of India, Karnataka’s forest cover is about 22.61 percent of the state’s geographical area.

Balance between development and conservation
Environmentalists said that there should be a balance between development and protection of the environment. Germany and France, which have closed nuclear plants, now depend on Russia for fuel and prices have risen by as much as 100 per cent. He says people are feeling the heat. So we have to look at our needs and ensure that the geographical and demographic demands are met. Balance is important.”

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