Explainer: If Qatar is going to watch FIFA World Cup, then know these important rules and regulations – FIFA 2022 qatar rules for fans coming to enjoy football worldcup


  • Also take care of dress code

  • There are also rules regarding sexuality

The great football tournament is about to start in November and December. More than one million fans will go to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. FIFA is an event that becomes like a nonstop party for the host countries. But this year it could be different. The people of Qatar show little tolerance for felony drunkenness. Although Qatar has portrayed itself as being ready to welcome foreigners, its people are less tolerant of things like alcoholism. They have their own rules.

Qatar’s judicial system has repeatedly criticized Western countries for favoring prosecutors and police, based on an interpretation of Islamic law or Sharia. Although Qatar has talked about relaxing its laws for the people coming, but still the fans participating in the World Cup should be careful about Qatar’s laws and cultural customs. These include rules regarding alcohol, drugs, sexuality and dress code. Let’s have a look at some of them.

What are the rules regarding alcohol?

Alcohol may only be served in hotels, restaurants and bars that have a license in Qatar. It is illegal to drink alcohol anywhere else. However, non-Muslim residents of Doha who have a liquor license can drink alcohol at home. In the World Cup, fans will be allowed to buy Budweiser Bears inside the stadium compound. Fans can also drink in the evening at the “Fan Zone” in the city of Doha.

Generally in Qatar, drinking alcohol in a public place carries heavy fines and jail terms. The legal drinking age is 21, and bouncers at bars often ask for photo ID or passport upon entry.

Drugs rules?

Qatar is one of the most banned countries in the world when it comes to banning drugs, cannabis and even narcotics, over-the-counter drugs like amphetamines. The sale and trafficking of illegal drugs can result in severe punishments, including long prison terms and heavy fines. Drug trafficking charges can carry the death penalty. World Cup fans should be aware of these laws upon arrival at Hamad International Airport. Before entering the country, the officials there scan your bag with new security technology.

There are also rules regarding sexuality

Qatar considers sexual relations between unmarried women and men a crime. However, it has been said by the authority that unmarried couples can share hotel rooms during the World Cup. The government tourism website says that on the streets, showing intimacy should be avoided. Not only this, Qatari law considers gay and lesbian sex to be a crime. Doing so can result in imprisonment of up to three years. Also crossdressing is also considered a crime.

Also take care of dress code

Qatar’s official tourism website has asked men and women to respect the culture there. And it is said that people should not wear such clothes which are more revealing. Tourists have been asked to cover their shoulders and knees. Those wearing shorts and sleeveless tops are also prohibited from doing the same. Women going to the mosques of the city will be given scarves to cover their heads.

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