Farmani Naaz said Husband got second marriage without divorce then no one said now I sing to feed the child then it is against Islam . When the husband got married without divorce, then no one said anything.

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Farmani Naaz


  • Artist has no religion – Farmani
  • Music of any kind against Islam – Ulema
  • Farmani has launched Shiv Bhajan Har Har Shambhu…Shiva Mahadev on YouTube.

Farmani Naaz: Have you heard the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’? You might have heard. Might have liked it too. The singer who sings it belongs to the Muslim society. The name is Farmani Naaz. Singing this song of his was exasperated by the religious leaders of Muslim society and they called it illegitimate. The Ulema of Deoband called it un-Islamic. Now in response to this, Naaz has said that when her husband had remarried without getting divorced, was it not non-Islam? Now that I am singing to feed my children, it has become un-Islamic.

The Ulema of Deoband said that music of any kind is against Islam.

These days ‘Har Har Shambhu’ by Kanwar singer Farmani Naaz is playing a lot in the country. The fundamentalists had objected to this song of his. While giving advice to Farmani Naaz, Deobandi Ulema said that no song should be sung in Islam, it is against Islam. So Farmani should get away from it. In response to this, Naaz has said that today girls are living in the society by being self-reliant, they are progressing on the basis of their talent.

Farmani Naaz

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Farmani Naaz

After the ulema objected, Farmani Naaz said, “No one has stopped him from coming home and singing. Just some people make such comments on social media. I am progressing by singing songs on the strength of my skills.” Never insulted any religion. After marriage a son was born. The son had a disease, after that the husband and in-laws left. The husband remarried without divorcing me. No one ever hurt me on this. understood.”

‘Artist has no religion’

He said that no one should have any problem in singing my song. People are liking my songs. I am doing it for the future of my child. The government should take such a step that what happened to me should not happen to anyone else. An artist has no religion. She said that she tries to give voice to all kinds of melodies.

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