Farmers are continuously burning stubble in Punjab, see the latest picture of BathindaFarmers are continuously burning stubble in Punjab, see the latest picture of Bathinda

Farmers burning stubble in Punjab's Bathinda - India TV Hindi News

Image Source : ANI
Farmers burning stubble in Punjab’s Bathinda

Farmers in Punjab are continuously burning stubble. This has increased the risk of pollution in the environment. The latest picture has surfaced from Bathinda in the state where people are seen burning stubble. Till October 31, more than 13 thousand cases of stubble burning were registered in the state. The state government is worried. The government has also suspended 4 officers of the Agriculture Department. According to the government, stubble burning is a big threat to the environment. This problem can be solved only by making farmers aware.

What do the doctors say?

Let us tell you, pollution is increasing continuously in Delhi-NCR. The biggest reason for this is being told to burn stubble. According to doctors, due to burning of stubble, carbon particles increase in the environment. Due to which the oxygen level in the environment decreases. Due to which people start having trouble in breathing.

Delhi-NCR’s air is very bad

For the last several days, there is poison in the air in the areas of the capital Delhi and NCR. It has become difficult for people to breathe pure air. Even on Tuesday, the air in Delhi and surrounding areas is very bad. Due to this people are facing great difficulty. Respiratory patients are facing the most problems. Even normal and healthy people are feeling problems like breathlessness, cough and burning in the eyes. However, even today children’s schools are closed.

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