Fashion is becoming a threat to the world, it takes 2,700 liters of water to make a T-shirt

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  • It takes about 2,700 liters of water to make one T-shirt.
  • Dyeing fabric is also a complex problem
  • Of the 100 billion clothes produced every year, 92 million tons are thrown into the garbage.

Water Crisis, The whole world is changing rapidly, in this changing era, everyone wants to see themselves changing. Especially the youth are trying to show themselves different from themselves. Bollywood also has a big contribution in this. We are talking about this fashion era changing with the changing times, which everyone is a victim of today. We are wearing different types of clothes in the desire to look different from others, but because of this a big loss is happening, that is our environment. Now you will be surprised to hear that how is fashion related to the environment, is this a joke? We are not kidding, how fashion is ruining the environment we will discuss this in detail.

How is the environment getting ruined?

Let us tell you that it takes about 2,700 liters of water to make a T-shirt, which we throw in the garbage after a few months back. Of the 100 billion pieces of clothing produced every year, 92 million tons are dumped. That is, a garbage truck full of clothes is ready to make a mountain of garbage every second. If this situation continues unabated, the amount of waste can increase to 134 million tonnes every year. The industry’s global emissions will double by the end of this decade. The situation will go from bad to worse if no action is taken to reduce the waste of fast growing fashion. There is no doubt that the tradition of throwing out of our society has increased a lot. Today, if we do not like any cloth, then we throw it away immediately. These clothes cannot be recycled.

2,700 liters of water wasted in making one t-shirt

At the same time, as we told you that it takes 2,700 liters of water to make a T-shirt, which is enough for 900 days for a person. Also 50 to 60 liters of water is wasted in a single wash. There are many such processes while making clothes which waste and spoil the water. Textiles are a great source of microplastics because clothing is now made from nylon or polyester so that the fabric is durable and cheap. All the water that is wasted in the process of washing and drying these clothes gets mixed in all the rivers. The estimated plastic pollution is equivalent to more than 50 billion bottles.

20% water pollution due to dyeing of clothes

Dyeing fabric is also a complex problem. The chemicals used to dye clothes are very dangerous for the environment. This chemical process accounts for 3 percent of global carbon emissions as well as wastes water. About 20 percent of water pollution is caused by this process. At this time the whole world is battling with global warming, in such a situation, the environment is getting harmed by such actions. It should be our effort that we do such work so that everything will be fine in the coming time.

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