Fazil Murder Case All six accused arrested involved in Fazil murder police had formed seven teams

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Fazil Murder Case

Fazil Murder Case: The police on Tuesday arrested six accused in the murder of Fazil in Mangaluru, Karnataka. Police gave this information. After the murder of BJP Yuva Morcha member Praveen Nettaru in Bellary on July 28, tension had spread in the area.

Police said the arrested persons are residents of Surathkal. The police had earlier detained Ajit Crasta, the owner of the car used by the accused and after interrogation, traced the accused based on the information given by him. Police said that the accused were arrested from near Udayavar on Tuesday morning.

All the six accused were directly involved in the murder

According to Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar, all the six accused were directly involved in the murder. Shashi Kumar said that initially the accused discussed who should be their target. Regarding this, they considered the names of seven persons and finally decided to target Fazil. The commissioner said that the real reason behind the murder is yet to be ascertained. The commissioner said that the police would take the accused into custody for further interrogation.

The attackers had asked to pay Rs 15,000 for giving the car.

Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said that the six accused who have been arrested today include Suhas, Mohan, Abhishek, Srinivas, Giridhar and Dixit. He told that the owner of the car, Ajit Crasta, was lured by these attackers to get Rs 15,000 for the car for three days and Ajit was aware that the car was going to be used for criminal activity, despite that he gave away the money to the attackers. gave his car to

A total of 7 have been arrested in this case including Ajit.

Including Ajit Crasta, a total of 7 have been arrested in this case and the police commissioner said that if anyone else was directly or indirectly involved in this murder, then they will also be arrested. The Commissioner of Police said that according to the plan, after the attack, all these people got into the car and fled towards Udupi. He left the car at Ella village in Udupi. Meanwhile, Srinivas called his friend and called another car and sitting in this car, these people went to hide at a secret hideout outside Mangaluru.

Seven special teams of police formed to investigate this murder conducted investigations in the nearby districts and finally all these six accused were arrested at around 5.30 am today. All these six accused have past criminal records, out of which the rowdy sheet is also open against 4 people.

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