FIFA World Cup 2022 Alcoholic Items Banned In All Stadiums of Qatar Also Several Dress Codes Mandatory

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FIFA World Cup 2022The countdown to the FIFA World Cup 2022, which begins on November 20 in Qatar, is on and a major decision has come just 48 hours before the start of the tournament. Let us tell you that the organizers of the World Cup have decided to ban the sale of all types of beer containing ‘alcohol’ (intoxicating) in all eight stadiums used for the football tournament. The information also revealed that non-alcoholic beer will be sold in all 64 matches but alcoholic liquor will be kept away from the stadium.

The sale of beer containing ‘alcohol’ was banned. This decision was taken just two days before the start of the FIFA World Cup. The ‘alcohol’ free beer will be sold at 64 matches to be held in the country. FIFA said in a statement: “Following discussions between host country officials and FIFA, the removal of the sale of beer from the perimeter of the stadium will allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at FIFA ‘Fan Festivals’, other fan venues and licensed venues.” Champagne, wine, whiskey and other ‘alcohol’ will be served in the ‘luxury hospitality areas’ of the stadium. Beer will be the only ‘alcohol’ sold to regular ticket holders outside these venues.

AB InBev, parent company of World Cup beer sponsor Budweiser, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. AB InBev pays hundreds of millions of dollars for ‘exclusive’ rights to sell beer at each World Cup and has shipped much stock from the UK to Qatar for fans. Budweiser’s parent company has had a partnership with FIFA that began with the 1986 tournament and is in talks to continue it for the next World Cup in South America. When Qatar began the bidding process to host the World Cup, the country agreed to respect FIFA’s commercial partners and did so when signing the contract after winning the vote in 2010. At the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the host nation was forced to change a rule allowing the sale of alcohol.

Pay attention to these rules

Many major decisions have also been taken regarding the dress code in the upcoming Football World Cup. A Qatari government website has asked visiting tourists to respect local culture. Rules have been made for all female fans to cover their shoulders and knees. At the same time, instructions have also been given to wear long skirts or trousers in public places. Apart from this, men also cannot wear such jeans or pants which do not cover the entire leg. Along with this, a ban has also been imposed on dresses with objectionable slogans.

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