FIFA World Cup 2022: Japanese fans clean up stadium after watching football match in Qatar – FIFA World Cup 2022


  • Japanese won the hearts of the world

  • Cleaned the stadium after the match

Japan won over Germany in FIFA World Cup 2022 on Wednesday. And the Japanese fans were very happy with their team’s victory. But even before the celebration, he did something that not only raised the prestige of Japan but also won the hearts of the whole world.

The fans of Japan showed in Qatar that no matter where the Japanese live, they never forget their manners and good habits. Actually, after the match was over, the Japanese fans collected and cleaned the garbage lying in the stadium before leaving the stadium. While doing this, some of his pictures and videos are going viral on social media.

Garbage is collected after the audience leaves
The stands of sports stadiums are usually filled with food trays, wrappers, plastic cups etc. during matches as people eat and drink and then leave this waste behind. Because cleaning the garbage is someone else’s responsibility. But the Japanese people have shown that cleaning is not that difficult.

After the match, Japan’s players were still on the pitch after their 2–1 victory over the four-time champions in their World Cup opener, when Japanese fans in the crowd began cleaning Qatar’s Khalifa International Stadium.

have done this before
Let us tell you that the Japanese did the same thing four years ago in the World Cup in Russia. Especially after the 3-2 loss to Belgium in the last 16. And then the first match of the 2022 tournament took place on Sunday between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador. He did the same in that day when his team was not even playing that day.

In Japan, cleanliness is a part of the culture and it is inculcated in people from childhood. Many times reports come about the cleanliness culture of Japan. Cleaning up after a football match like this is part of the basic habits the Japanese are taught in school. In Japan, children themselves clean their school classrooms and hallways to show them the importance of cleanliness.

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