Five coaches of goods train derailed in Jhansi, major accident averted, route changed for many trains Jhansi Five coaches of goods train derailed route changed for many trains

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Five wagons of goods train derailed

Five coaches of a goods train derailed at the yard of North Central Railway’s Veerangana Laxmibai Jhansi on Wednesday, disrupting traffic. The routes of many trains were changed. At the same time, a committee has been formed to investigate. According to information received from railway officials, five coaches of Goods Loaded (BTPN) derailed at Veerangana Laxmibai Jhansi yard in Veerangana Laxmibai Jhansi-Bhimsen section on Wednesday morning. After this, Veerangana Lakshmibai Jhansi-Mustra and Veerangana Lakshmibai Jhansi-Karari both up and down lines were disrupted in both the directions. There has been no loss of life or property in this.

Restoration work started on war footing

It has been told that as soon as the information about the accident was received, the accident relief vehicle was dispatched and senior officers reached the spot for restoration. Restoration work has been started on war footing. The front part of the vehicle was pulled from the spot by pulling in the direction of Mustara and while the rear part was pulled to the hump line.

Routes of many trains were diverted

Due to relief and rescue work, the first train left from Lucknow Intercity incident site. At the same time, train number 11807 Veerangana Laxmibai Jhansi-Agra train, which started the journey on Wednesday, was canceled, while the route of many trains has been changed. In this, Train No. 12625 Trivandrum-New Delhi route will be diverted via Mahadevkhedi-Guna-Gwalior, Train No. 00761 Renigunta-Nizamuddin route will be diverted via Mahadevkhedi-Guna-Gwalior, Train No. 12803 Visakhapatnam-Nizamuddin route will be diverted via Mahadevkhedi. From Guna-Kota-Mathura. Similarly, Train No. 12707 Tirupati-Nizamuddin will be diverted via Mahadevkhedi-Guna–Kota-Mathura, Train No. 18477 Puri-Yoganagari Rishikesh will be diverted via Mahadevkhedi- Guna-Kota-Mathura route.

A five-member committee has been constituted to investigate the incident. The members of this committee are Senior Divisional Engineer (Central), Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer and Carriage & Wagon, Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer and Operations, Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer and Main Line and Senior Divisional Safety Officer.

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