Football runs in this village of UP, the expenses of more than 3 thousand families, this work is being done for 40 years. Uttar Pradesh Over 3000 families of Sisola Buzurg village in Meerut manufacture footballs

Meerut manufacture footballs- India TV Hindi News

Image Source : ANI
Superb footballs are made in the village of Meerut

Meerut: There is also a village in Meerut district of UP, where people do not go out to find work, but live in their village and earn their livelihood. The people of this village are expert in making football and this art of theirs also runs their livelihood.

Hari Prakash, owner of a football factory, says that more than 3,000 families of Sisola Buzurg village in Meerut make football for a living. We are making football for more than 40 years, earlier 4-5 people started the work but now people from whole village make football.

“I have been making this football for more than 20 years after my marriage, in this village nobody goes out for work, everyone works at home,” said a football worker.

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