Foreign News: The meeting between joe Biden and Xi Jinping lasted for more than 2 hours

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Biden and Jinping

Foreign News: The conflict between the US and China is increasing continuously. China is making full preparations at the diplomatic level along with weapons to deal with America in the coming times. China, which supports Russia on the Ukraine issue, is similarly knocking in the eyes of America. Amidst similar tensions in the relationship, there was a virtual meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. This meeting lasted for 2 hours 17 minutes.

US President Joe Biden held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping via video conferencing late on Thursday. In this conversation, which lasted about 2 hours and 17 minutes, Jinping’s attitude was very harsh. According to media reports, the President of China expressed strong displeasure over US interference in Taiwan. Jinping made a direct threat to Biden. Jinping said that ‘I will only tell you that those who try to play with fire, they get burnt.’ This threat simply means that the bitterness between the two countries is increasing. China does not accept that the US and the Biden administration should help Taiwan.

So far 5 times the talks between the two heads of state have taken place.

Biden and Jinping had a similar virtual meeting in March for two hours. Then there were talks on the war between Ukraine and Russia. He has held talks with Jinping five times since Biden came to power. However, both the leaders could not reach any conclusion on any issue including trade and Taiwan. Yet the White House has yet to issue an official statement about Thursday’s talks. But it is believed that both can talk once again, but before that the foreign ministers of both the countries will hold talks.

Why is there this tension in relationships?

US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi is believed to be visiting Taiwan next week. After 25 years, such a big leader of America is going on an official visit to Taiwan. This is a clear signal to China that America will no longer leave Taiwan alone and will help it at every level. America is not digesting this strictness to China. This is the reason why China is now ready to threaten America. This is the reason China threatened the meeting between Biden and Jinping on Thursday.

Taiwan started preparations for war

Taiwan, on the other hand, has started preparations amid fears of war with China. Since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the fear that China may attack Taiwan at any time has intensified. The Chinese army has also increased its activities against Taiwan since last year. Since then the relations between the two countries have worsened. From time to time, China has also been expressing its displeasure over the visit of American officials to Taiwan. There were also reports in which China said that it would also annex Taiwan into main Chinese land through military force. This is the reason why Taiwan has already started preparing to protect itself. For this, training is being given to the people. In many other areas, including Taiwan’s capital Taipei, people have been ordered to stay indoors and clear the streets.

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