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Enforcement Directorate- India TV Hindi News
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Enforcement Directorate


  • In these raids, assets worth about 95,486 thousand crores were confiscated.
  • “I will neither eat nor let me eat”
  • ED is called Enforcement Directorate in Hindi.

Enforcement Directorate: No one knows what kind of news will come from every corner of the country. Like it is heard nowadays that ED has raided the house of a businessman in this state and then raided a minister. Several such raids were conducted from where the ED recovered several crores of rupees. If you remember, the incident in Kanpur which was quite shocking. Where ED money counted for 2 days. Had to take machines to count, trucks had to be brought to carry money, that is, you would not have seen so much money in your dreams, which ED showed you in real. Now many questions must be thinking that you would like to go, what is this ED. After all, why ED raids, when ED was created. So let us talk about ED in detail today.

Why ED in discussion?

Recently, ED’s call to Congress President Sonia Gandhi was coming every day. The ED was questioning Gandhi in connection with the money laundering case involving the National Herald newspaper. Congress workers all over the country were opposing the ED, in many states the ED office was also vandalized. If one case was not stopped, then here in Bengal also the Edi raids were going on. Raids were conducted at the houses of Arpita Mukherjee, the poverty of TMC leader Partha Chatterjee, from where several crores of rupees were also recovered. In Bihar too, Lalu Yadav’s families have been questioned by the ED several times. Now you must have understood why ED is in discussion these days.

ED’s action during former PM Manmohan Singh’s tenure?

Enforcement Directorate Raids

Image Source : India TV

Enforcement Directorate

According to a media report, during the tenure of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the ED conducted 112 raids and property worth Rs 5,346 crore was seized from these raids. Whereas after 2014, ED conducted 2,974 raids and in these raids, assets worth about 95,486 thousand crores were confiscated. It is clear from this that during the tenure of Congress, officials, leaders were given freedom to loot. You must remember the statement of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, he clearly said that “Na main khaunga nahi khaane dunga”. ED has come into action mode after 2014 and is taking strict action against corrupt persons.

ED faces charges

These days opposition parties are raising many questions on the action of ED. Bird parties say that the ED has become a parrot of the central government. The central government is misusing the ED. Sanjay Rawat had also alleged that the government in Maharashtra was formed on the basis of ED. Although the government has made it clear that the ED is a government body, there is no interference from the central government and the ED does its work independently. If ED is taking action against any person then that person is corrupt then only ED has taken action.

What is ED and when did it form?

ED is called Enforcement Directorate in Hindi and if you are interested in English then Directorate of Enforcement, this is also the full form of ED. ED is a central government body. ED monitors illegal money transactions and illegally created assets. If any citizen comes in its JD, then ED has the right to raid without warrant. The ED was created on 1 May 1956.

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