Good news for youth: Indians can work in UK, know what is UK-India Young Professionals Scheme – uk to offer 3000 visas to Indian professionals as per UK India Young Professionals Scheme


  • Visa for 18-30 year olds

  • UK to offer 3,000 visas annually to India

UK PM Rishi Sunak has approved 3,000 visas for young Indian professionals to live and work in the country every year.

Highlighting the strength of last year’s UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership, the British government said India is the first visa-national country to benefit from such a scheme.

Visa for 18-30 year olds
He knows firsthand the incredible value of Britain’s deep cultural and historical links with India, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. They are delighted that even more bright young people from India will now have the opportunity to experience new life in the UK that enriches our economies and societies.

According to the UK Prime Minister’s Office, the UK-India Young Professionals scheme was ratified, offering 3,000 places to 18-30-year-old degree-educated Indian nationals to come and work in the UK for two years.

The announcement was made at the Downing Street readout, hours after Sunak met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the 17th edition of the G20 summit. This was their first meeting after assuming the office of the first Indian-origin British PM last month.

What is UK-India Young Professionals Scheme

Under the new UK-India Young Professionals scheme, the UK will offer 3,000 visas to India annually. These visas will be given to young professionals in the age group of 18-30 years. Under the scheme, degree-educated Indian nationals can come to the UK to live and work for up to two years.

This scheme is mutual. The UK has more ties to India than almost any other country in the Indo-Pacific region. Almost a quarter of all international students in the UK are from India, and Indian investment in the UK supports 95,000 jobs across the UK.

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