“Government’s zero tolerance policy regarding drugs”, said Home Minister Amit Shah at the National Conference of NCB. “Government’s zero tolerance policy regarding drugs”, said Home Minister Amit Shah at the National

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  • Amit Shah participates in two-day national conference of NCB
  • Around 31000 kg of drugs were burnt in front of the Home Minister
  • Center adopted zero tolerance policy for a prosperous nation

In the conference organized by NCB, the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah said that the central government has adopted a policy of zero tolerance regarding drugs. Today we are seeing the results of this. It is very necessary to take this step for a healthy society and a prosperous nation. After inaugurating the two-day National Conference on Drug Trafficking and National Security, Shah said it is also important from the security point of view as “black money generated from drug trade is used for activities against the country”. goes.”

Say “no” to drugs for a prosperous society

Shah said, “When Narendra Modi ji became the Prime Minister in 2014, the Indian government adopted a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ towards drugs.” The results of the battle are starting to show. He said that intoxicants adversely affect the younger generation and harm it like termites. Shah emphasized that the government is committed to end this crisis. The Home Minister said that drug abuse has an adverse effect not only on those who consume it, but also on the society, economy and the security of the country. He said, “We have to eliminate it completely.” With the convening of the conference, about 31,000 kg of narcotic substances were destroyed by the NCB in Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati and Kolkata.

Action taken against drugs in the country

2006-13 2014-22
total cases 1,257 3,172 152% more cases registered
total arrest 1,363 4,888 260% increase
Seized Drugs (KG) 1.52 Lakh KG 3.33 Lakh KG more than twice
Seized Drugs (In Crore) 768 crore 20 thousand crore 25 times more

2006-13 2014-2022
seizure of morphine 71 KG 616
heroin seizure 1606 KG 3899 KG
ketamine seizure 216 KG 784 KG

Why was this conference necessary?

  • To keep the seriousness of the Government of India regarding drugs in front of the country and the states.
  • Bringing a Synergy by Bringing the States Together in this Fight
  • Bringing all agencies related to Narcotics on one platform
  • Giving a message at the national level that now the country has made up its mind against this problem, and now the whole country will go to its root and solve this problem.
  • We have to reach the mastermind behind them from outside the border, who is sending it to India…the network of hands and feet spread inside the country will have to be demolished

Around 31000 kg of drugs were burnt in front of Home Minister Amit Shah

amount of drugs destroyed price in international market
01 June 2022 to 29 July 2022 51000 kg 1200 crore
on 30 July 2022 31000 kg 800 crore
Total Specifications to date 82000 kg 2000 crores
Estimated Disintegration by August 15 1 lakh kilograms 3000 crore

Establishment of NCORD in 2019

NCORD – Four tier NCORD mechanism was established in the year 2019 for better coordination and coordination

  • Apex Level N-Chord Committee
  • Executive Level N-Chord Committee
  • State Level En-cord Committee – Chaired by Chief Secretary
  • District level en-cord committee – headed by the District Magistrate
  • Formation and extension of mandate of Joint Coordination Committee (JCC)

NCB cadre restructuring

  • Including creation of 419 new posts and creation of 5 new zonal offices
  • Establishment of specialized units such as Legal Advisory Wing, Cyber/IT and Forensic Wing and Drugs Intelligence Wing
  • So far, Anti Narcotics Task Forces have been constituted by 21 states. Rest of the states will also take necessary steps in this direction soon.

Rein on Drugs and the Dark-net

The use of dark-net and crypto-currency in illegal drugs is increasing. The Ministry of Home Affairs has constituted a task force on Darkweb and Cryptocurrencies, and training is also being given. Here on narco-trafficking, inputs on drug trafficking would be shared between agencies and all platforms would be monitored.

  • NCB has conceptualized Darkthan competitions under which youth of India have been given Darkthan related problem statements, for which they have found solutions.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding between NCB and NFCU (National Forensic Science University) to explore and establish cooperation in matters relating to drugs, digital and allied forensics.
  • Under the use of new technology for the prevention of cultivation of illegal drugs, emphasis has been placed on the use of various types of drones and the use of satellite and other technology and joint efforts are being made by the Ministry of Home Affairs, NCB and Bhaskaracharya Center for area mapping. .
  • Special operation to stop smuggling through sea route: Narcotics drugs are smuggled mainly through sea route,
  • Apart from deploying NCB officers at major airports like Mumbai and Delhi, dedicated ‘port control units’ are being created at all coastal entry and exit points.
  • The complete drug network chart is being prepared and mapping is also being done to work on the source and destination of drugs.
  • The list of psychotropic substances is being updated regularly, to include new psychoactive substances that are constantly emerging.
  • Narco-Canine Pool: Also directed to develop Narco-Canine Pool at the national level to effectively prevent smuggling of drugs.
  • Appropriate coordination has been made with international agencies to crack down on international drug trafficking networks.

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