Guinness World Records: Gino is the world’s oldest dog, know about him – 22 year old Gino becomes the world’s oldest dog


  • 22 year old Gino lives in California, USA

  • Guinness World Records told the world’s oldest dog

A 22-year-old dog named Gino Wolf, living in California, USA, has been named the oldest living dog in the world by Guinness World Records. It was born in September 2000. Alex Wolf adopted her two years later from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Colorado. Since then he has taken good care of her. Alex said I’ve taken great care of her over the years and she’s still in relatively great shape. In fact she is still cute which is amazing considering her age. Alex says that he takes a healthy and balanced diet and goes to the doctor from time to time. Gino is a strong dog who deserves love. She has been with Alex since their university days and now they are 40 years old but their love has not diminished.

likes to be with big dogs
before He was growing up alone but later he also got a girlfriend named Rebecca Grenell. He likes to be with big dogs in big parks rather than small playgrounds. Alex says that living with Gino gives him and his family a lot of happiness and he inspires people to keep a dog pet in the house. Often the age and health of dogs increases only when they live in a good environment and eat well.

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