Gurugram: This dog and bitch will be married with pomp on November 13, Pandit will get it done, cards sent to more than 100 people. Gurugram This dog and bitch will be married with pomp on November 13

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Sheru and Sweety will get married on November 13

Gurugram: A wedding to be held on November 13 in Gurugram, Haryana remains a topic of discussion. Actually this marriage is happening not of a human but of a dog and a bitch. The dog’s name is Sheru and the bitch’s name is Sweety. The specialty of this wedding is that wedding cards have also been printed for this and more than 100 people have been invited to this wedding. Apart from this, the rituals of turmeric, henna, which take place before marriage, are being performed in a traditional way. Now people are waiting for 13th November, when Sheru Ki Baraat with Band Baaje will reach Sweety’s house.

what is the whole matter

This marriage is going to take place in Palam Vihar Extension, Gurugram. For this all traditional rituals are being performed. The wedding mandap is ready and more than 100 people will also attend it. Actually the whole matter is that Rani, the mistress of Sweety, did not have children after marriage. In such a situation, her husband brought Sweety from near the temple 3 years ago to overcome her loneliness. The couple raised Sweety as their child.

Now he is going to donate on the pretext of Sweety. This will also fulfill his wish, he believes. At the same time, Sheru’s owners also consider him a part of their family. Sheru is 8 years old. This family says that if Sweety and Sheru stay together, they and others will love it.

how are the wedding preparations

Sweety and Sheru’s wedding preparations are going on in full swing. Pandit has also been called to get married. He will get both the rounds done. The time for this has been fixed at 8.30 pm.

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