Gyanvapi Masjid Case Abhay Nath Yadav, lawyer for Muslim side in Gyanvapi case, dies, hearing to be held on August 4

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Abhay Nath Yadav


  • Muslim side lawyer Abhay Nath Yadav died in Gyanvapi case
  • death due to heart attack

Gyanvapi Masjid Case: Abhay Nath Yadav, the lawyer for the Muslim side in the Gyanvapi-Sringar Gauri trial in Varanasi, died late on Sunday night. Yadav’s family sources said on Monday that he was rushed to the hospital late in the night after suffering a heart attack, where doctors declared him brought dead. His last rites will be performed today on Monday. It is noteworthy that in the Gyanvapi-Sringar Gauri case, Abhay Nath Yadav was one of the prominent advocates of the Muslim side. The arguments of both the parties in the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case have been completed. Now on August 4, the Muslim side has to present its response in the court.

The reply from the Muslim side was to be placed on 4th August.

It is known that all the parties have completed their arguments in the case of Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi. Now on August 4, a reply was to be placed from the Muslim side, in which Abhay Nath Yadav, the lawyer for the Muslim side, would have played an important role. It is noteworthy that a Varanasi court had ordered a videography survey of the Gyanvapi complex and the Hindu side claimed to have found a Shivling during this period. However, the Muslim side claims that the structure is part of the fountain at Wuzu Khana.

Claim of getting Shivling in eating Waju

Significantly, on the petition of Delhi resident Rakhi Singh and others, the court of Varanasi Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar had on April 26 directed to conduct a videography survey of Gyanvapi Masjid-Shringar Gauri complex. This survey work was completed on May 16, the report of which was presented in the court on May 19. On the last day of the survey, the Hindu side had claimed to have found a Shivling in the Waju Khana of the Gyanvapi Masjid, which the Muslim side denied, saying that it was not a Shivling but a fountain.

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